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Event // Kinfolk Wabi-Sabi Dinner


During our humble beginnings, we launched our very first event hosting a Kinfolk gathering - it was a proud moment on so many levels but partnering with a publication and brand that was close to my heart and echoed so many values I hold close was a pivotal moment for me not only as a blogger but as a business owner.

Since that time we've gone on to host many more Kinfolk events and they often remain my favourite to work on as the partners, hosts and brands involved come together in a shared passion. We'll be back this October to co-host, alongside Eat Read Love, another Kinfolk event in Sydney based around wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of appreciation and acceptance of imperfection and impermanence. I am absolutely ready to embrace a bit of imperfection and can't wait to reveal more about this beautifully messy meal we have planned and that is going to take place at The Stables in Sydney. The event is sold out but if that should change I will certainly let you know as I understand many of you didn't get a chance to grab tickets - they were sold out in a matter of mere seconds. 


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A Look Back // A Sydney Kinfolk Gathering


There are some events that hold a special place in your heart. That stand out, forever etched in your memory and one such event was the Kinfolk Sydney Gathering that took place last year. I actually can't believe that I haven't posted about it before but stumpled upon the photos while cleaning out the laptop this weekend and had to share it with you here, it's too beautiful to keep to myself. 

As many of you know gatherings are a core part of what Blog Society is all about, I personally believe that face to face connection is the bond that ties us all together and I can't wait to expand upon that here in the coming weeks and bring you a variety of events from around the world that have caught my eye, brought people together and created some lasting memories for everyone involved.

For now sit back and enjoy the deliciousness that occurred at Glenmore House last November on a warm summer night. As the Kinfolk team so perfectly stated, "there was a contagious optimism floating around the well-connected Australian creative community, and rather than a generating a feeling of petty competitiveness, the scene here is all about collaboration." And I couldn't agree more. I remember sitting down to eat and looking around, emotionally moved at the energy you could feel and remembering why I had started Blog Society in the first place - to extend that energy and power of colloaboration to others. Our next Kinfolk event is coming soon, keep your eyes peeled...

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Sydney Make-Up Workshop


There is nothing more rewarding than the adrenaline fuelled moment when your event is about to begin and you wait for the first guest to arrive.  I have a passion for creating events that spark creativity and bring people together.  The behind the scenes work involves months of phone calls, emails and organisation but when you look around the room and all the details have fallen perfectly in place, the music is turned on, the flowers arranged and the champagne chilled - that's the moment you remember.  

Last weekend I was thrilled to team up with Natalie from Eat Read Love and make-up artist, Liv Lundelius to host our first make-up workshop at the brand new Create Or Die studio. It was the perfect excuse to get a bit glam and hang out with some amazing ladies for an incredible afternoon.  As with all my events, it was a collaborative effort to bring this idea to life and I couldn't have done it with the following support... a huge thank you to our wonderful event partners for supporting this event:

Make Up 
Liv Lundelius
Hosted by 
Blog Society / Eat Read Love
Create or Die 
West Elm / Hello May / BloomboxCo / Atelier Lumira
Hair & Beauty
Jane Iredale / People For Plants / Cruelty Free Beauty / Ihana / Delorenzo
Photos and Video 
Pebble Coast Films / twoguineapigs
Food and Beverage
Bionade / Bourke Street Bakery Marrickville
Jessica Ruscoe


All images by twoguineapigs

Get Crafty // Etsy Craft Party


I talk a lot here about the power of community and no brand understands this better than Etsy. When they asked us to be a part of their global craft party, a yearly worldwide celebration, we couldn't say no.  We happily paired up with our friends from Happy Families Design and Heart You Forever And A Day to create a DIY, colour-filled evening of craft and cocktails.

Following their theme of 'Recapture' we embellished old photos and pushed our creative boundaries all in the name of community.  It was a complete team effort and thanks to Work-ShopIn An Instant Photography and the team at Trolleyd, the night was a complete success and was the kind of event I absolutely loved to be a part of - great people, great music and copious amounts of sugar.  If you missed this party we hope to see you there next year...


Link Love // The Friday Files


I must say my hearts is pretty full this week. I was humbled by the support that our #blogtribe launch received and can’t wait to continue the stream of blog support each week – a huge thank you to everyone that got involved. I’ve also been having some inspiring conversations lately and thinking about the future of Blog Society and where I want to take it. All exciting, scary and wonderful things to contemplate. Perhaps it’s the start of the new financial year but I love starting with a fresh clean slate full of new possibilities – do you? I’ve got a relaxing weekend planned and looking forward to kicking back and enjoying the winter sunshine. Make sure to grab some time for yourself and enjoy a bit of blog reading below…

  • Have you ever had a staycation in your own city? We’re having one next weekend and I can’t wait.
  • This winter weather is causing me to spend a lot of time here.
  • Did you hear about the launch of #blogtribe?
  • Love to see the slow blog movement catching on.
  • Seriously craving a warm weather getaway – Palm Springs would do perfectly don’t you think?
  • That feeling when you leave an event and your brain is bursting with ideas.