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What You Need To Know To Fight Blog Envy


By Emma Weise

Blog envy feels really shitty, and It happened to me too!

I was merrily browsing the blogosphere… getting inspired and happily devouring all sorts of fantastic-ness that people in the world are creating. I happened to stumbled onto a lifestyle website… and was instantly drawn into all the shiny pretty-ness she had on offer. I started dreaming of all the fun I could have if I created a blog just like that! I imagined having an incredible studio where I created all sorts of cool creative things that I shared with the world, and then I saw myself in a floaty kaftan in some exotic location, sharing snippets of me with cocktail in hand on some sandy beach...

Sigh… it was a fun moment.

But I was snapped back to reality pretty quickly, when I realised that I don’t have a lifestyle blog. I was just wanting what someone else had… and that it isn’t ME!

Ugh… Blog envy was a little sneaky right there!

Its super easy to get caught in a whirlwind of comparison and jealousy… whether you see someone doing something way more incredible than you, their business is so much bigger than what you have created, or whether they create prettier stuff, they have cleverly managed to infuse who they are into what they do, or maybe they are just soooo much cooler than you see yourself!

Whatever the motive for comparison, whilst it’s more natural than we’d care to admit, the only thing it’s offering you… is distraction. You're being called away from what you are created to do.

Lets imagine what happens if you chase that shiny object.

You start blogging about cocktails, then you share your kaftan holiday at home, you remember that your blog was actually about ____[insert chosen topic here] - so you quickly write a ____ [insert chosen topic here] type tutorial, then you spotted someones blog about their shoe love… oh yes, must share that new pair of shoes I bought! Then you found a cool quote - so you share that, plus your supper recipe, that webinar you wanted to do, then there was that piece of art you created, oh- and your favourite colour this month, then that pen you bought, oh shit… another _____[insert chosen topic here] post needs to be written.

Very soon, you’ve found yourself floating in all sorts of directions… and quickly feel a sense of restlessness… knowing that something just doesn’t FEEL right…. experiencing confusion and overwhelm and just feeling all over the place.

Shiny objects can be dangerous! So how do we get around it? It’s important to remember that we are all on our own blogging journey.


1. It all starts with knowing why you blog in the first place!
By being powerfully intentional, knowing what your dream is, and why you do what you do… everything else starts falling into place. It makes it so much easier when you have clarity and know what your purpose is!

2. Once you have your core pegged… you need to work out your AwesomeSauce [that special something you offer the world].
Know what makes YOU special… that you were born to do in this world!

3. Then it comes down to continually sharing that AwesomeSauce, people will naturally become attracted to you…

4. Rinse and repeat… Keep at it, keep persisting and sharing your awesomeness with the world… so that you create a business and live you love!

Et Voila! 

So the next time a little bout of jealousy hits… remember that you have something incredible to offer this world… that ONLY you can give… and there is no need to focus on what others are doing, but if that twinge of blog envy hits again...

Here are some ideas to help you when blog envy hits:

When someone’s business appears incredible, bigger, and uber successful:

  • First remember… it has come with a lot of effort, and as you implement your plan, your business will also grow…
  • Then spread some love and good vibes their way

So if someone has built a really great business:

  • Lets celebrate that they have found their AwesomeSauce, and have been able to make a go at it!
  • Then go back to your big dream… and do what you’re called to do!

When someone is doing something that is shiny and exciting:

  • There are many incredible ways to position yourself, but if their method is not right for your business, don’t feel pressure to “have to” follow their path!
  • Repeat after me: "That has been wonderful for them, but it isn’t where I’m taking my special offering right now…" 
  • Then get back to working on that special something you are creating.

When someone has become really successful in a similar blogging space to the one you’re in:

  • Let’s remember that there is enough space in this world for all of us!
  • Spread a little love instead!

When they are just so much cooler than you think you are:

  • We are all cool in our own special way… to our tribe… and anyway - you don’t want to be a copycat.
  • Find your AwesomeSauce… that “thing” that makes you “cool”
  • ...and rock your AwesomeSauce baby!

Emma Weise wants to live in a world where entrepreneurs feel confident in the brand they are putting out in the world. She gets to help coffee drinking, lipgloss rocking, sneaker wearing entrepreneurs create a brand experience their clients will adore, helping them serve their AwesomeSauce to the world - and she has some delicious treats for you here


5 Tips To Stop The Blog Comparison Game


By Aimee Croxon

As bloggers, most of us are constantly plugged in to social media – whether we’re trawling through our news feeds, sharing a filtered snap of our artfully-plated dinner or choosing to click and read another blogger’s latest witty post. Yet at one time or another in our blogging lives we’ve all been adversely affected by the dreaded comparisonitis. Where an innocent scroll through Facebook yields more angst and insecurity then being the only single woman at a wedding. Whether you’re guilty of analysing writing style, site design, or the level of community engagement – we’ve all compared, contrasted and judged ourselves to be lacking against fellow bloggers we admire and respect. According to Social Comparison Theory we do this in order to attempt to make accurate evaluations of ourselves, however choosing to ruminate over our perceived lack of success in comparison to others is a one-way ticket to insecurity, self-doubt and misery. Mark Twain famously said “Comparison is the thief of joy” and he was right. If you are consistently comparing your blog and being hard on yourself as a blogger, this will only serve to undermine your confidence and kill your So how can we turn the focus inward to ensure we stay motivated to continue growing our blog while celebrating our successes along the way?

1. Unsubscribe, unlike and unfollow.
Is there a specific blogger that consistently triggers your comparisonitis to flare up? Maybe they have beautiful professionally shot video blogs that continue to pop into your inbox each week, leaving you feeling insecure and questioning your abilities? If so it’s time to unsubscribe, unlike and unfollow this blogger until you feel secure and confident enough in your own value that you can see their posts without feeling negative.

2. Get organised and set social media free hours of the day.
Do you schedule all your posts in one block ahead of time each week or are you frantically looking through your newsfeed for something to share each day? Are you triggered by the social media updates of other bloggers as you mindlessly scroll? If so it’s time to get organised and set some boundaries around social media. Schedule social media posts for your blog ahead of time and set specific hours and times of the day where you can check your social media feeds. Chances are with boundaries in place you’ll be to busy responding to notifications to get trapped in comparison.

3. Understand the WHY and use it to fuel your motivation.
Next time you’re hit by the feeling of comparisonitis, take some time to consider WHY you feel envious of this particular blogger? Did they recently complete an amazing webinar and you’d really like to start hosting live calls? Are they regularly attending inspiring networking events and that’s something you’ve always intended to do but haven’t quite got around to yet? Use your comparisonitis as a tool to motivate you to grow your own blog and strive for success.

4. Appreciate your value and celebrate your successes.
Have you only been blogging for a short time and you’re comparing yourself to an established blogger who has been writing for years? Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. Consider your ‘sweet spot’ the combination of your passion, knowledge, experience and education and appreciate the value you bring to your readers by utilising your ‘sweet spot’. Celebrate your successes and keep the focus on yourself, your blog and your own timeline.

5. Get to know the story behind the blogger.
Reach out to a blogger that consistently triggers your comparisonitis and get to know them as a person. While their blog may be filled with aspirational images and updates, everyone suffers from the mundane aspects of life, most just choose not to share them in an online setting. By understanding this and getting to know their story and them as a person you will humanise them and create a meaningful connection to move beyond your comparisonitis – who knows they may even become a great friend or a collaborator?

Aimee Croxon is passionate about coaching aspiring writers and bloggers to discover their creative spark and successfully launch blogs and writing projects that are heartfelt, inspiring and creatively fulfilling. She loves travel, running, shopping at markets and always enjoys a glass of crisp white wine. You can find out more about her by visiting her here.


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