Love Yourself First And Everything Else Flows Into Balance

By Sinead Dunne

Stop everything else you are doing right now, shut down all those distracting tabs you have in your web browser. And pay attention to these words you will read. Your self-care is the most important priority right now. This saying “your health is your wealth” is not just a saying but a true fact that most entrepreneurs ignore.

There is always just one more thing that needs to be done. Who has time for a relaxing bath right? Even if you had time for a bath you would not stop thinking about your to-do list. And self care is just something else to be added to that endless list.

Burn out
Time and time again I have treated entrepreneurs for burn out. Who work tirelessly on their business till late at night. Or get up earlier before the family wakes up, just to get some extra work done.

Your business is you. Just remember if you burn out then there is no business. The same way you invest in your business to keep it running you need to be added to the invest column.

More focus & energy
So I ask you how you would feel to have, more focus, more energy, more clarity and even get your mojo back and be a siren in business and life? By adding some self care to your priority list you can have all this. And you might be surprised that you actually get more done in less time.

Entrepreneurs’ with a strong self care mindset are more productive in their work. They attract more opportunities. Why? Because putting your own needs first make you happier and healthier. There is nothing more attractive in a person that is HAPPY.

In business we learn so much about mindset. The main focus is on confidence, sales, marketing and even money. The first thing we should learn is our self care. When we value ourselves this shows up in our businesses and life.

Self care does not have to be time consuming by just adding in some of my top tips you can reap the benefits fast.

My Top Tips:

  • 10-20 minutes mediation (there are lots of guided ones on You Tube if you find this difficult).
  • Eat regularly three main meals with some small healthy snacks in between. Eat away from your desk. Taking time out to enjoy your meals and chewing well. We waste most of our energy on digestion; remember that our stomachs do not have teeth. When you do not chew foods till it is like liquid we give a stomach more work to do and this wastes energy. Chew well and gain more energy!
  • Get out for a daily walk. Even if it is just a short one, we need fresh air and vit.d from the sunshine even if it is in the winter. Some of my clients have gone days without leaving there house.
  • Take seasonal detoxes. We become more focused and clearer by giving our bodies a clean out. There a several types of detoxes chose one that suits your needs.
  • Add some extra nutrition in your diet by having a smoothie you can get so many nutrients in one serving. I like to call mine my cup of health. I add my good fats and omegas in to my smoothie (we need to keep our brains nourished)
  • Juicy juices just go down a treat. A glass of juice power! Your body has to do no work here, just enjoy all the benefits. When we juice all the hard work is done for us by the juicer. We get instant nutrition with no energy waste.
  • Move your body! Exercise even if it is only twenty minutes a day just move. There are plenty of videos of home routines with no fancy equipment needed.
  • Take a nice long hot bath with candles burning, relaxing music playing and some up lifting essential oils burning (this just sounds so seductive).
  • When you invest in yourself you are making an investment in your life and business.

                                    As in the words of Loreal “because your worth it”

Sinead Dunne is a mindset/health/business coach for new mompreneurs who want to uplevel their life and business. Through her totally addictive blogs, 1-1 coaching, free challenges, high energy online courses and face book group. She’s here to show you how to get more money, be the boss in YOUR business and live a sexier, healthier, happier lifestyle while kicking fear in the ass! She believes that you can have it all.

And when she is not mentoring momprenuers and manifesting, you can find her: hanging with her family, living the beach life in warrior pose, indulging in a tasty green juice or on Facebook.

How to Channel Your Inner Spiritual Biz Goddess

By Lisa Lynn Adams

When you are starting out being a mother, blogger and/or entrepreneur it can be overwhelming trying to find balance, especially when you are just starting out. While trying to find your groove, the learning curve can be steep. However, rest assured once you arrive, you'll feel a tremendous sense of peace, have gained a wealth of knowledge and knowhow and be able to look back with great pride over your creations.

Even with a background in business, learning the online world is a whole different ball game. Have patience with yourself. Self-love, self-care and self-acceptance are 3 of the most vital elements to success. There will be mountains to conquer and lessons to learn along the way. This too shall pass. Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be. Starting out on the journey of following your life purpose can be scary, so I wanted to outline some key tips and tricks I've learned along the way to help you accomplish the juggling act with ease, so you only drop one ball, rather than ALL.

Acknowledge that clarity is a rarity when you are starting out. You may begin in one place and end up somewhere completely different; only to realize where you end up is exactly where you are meant to be. The universe will use whatever it needs in order to get the ball rolling, to help you act out of faith, rather than fear. This is the beauty of knowing your big picture dreams, creating a plan, yet leaving room for what will be, to be. Accepting that you will be guided to where you are needed, in order to serve others in the most auspicious of ways. You need to have the perfect mixture of faith, trust and strategic PLANNING. If you combine these 3 elements you are surely creating a recipe for success.

At this point you will start to gain more clarity, as though the veil of uncertainty has been lifted from your eyes. You are starting to hear the call more clearly. You are staring straight at your spiritual destiny, gaining momentum and direction, starting to see the bigger picture and the steps that need to be taken. This is the moment to lock down your planning; this is my favourite part after the whole process, the moment of realization of the grand picture. At this point it's time to implement your DESTINY map, outlining each step needed to be taken in order to reach your big picture goals. With research, strategy and faith, carefully detail the very things you need to accomplish in order to get there. Break each step down into smaller steps needed and mark it with a destiny date, placing this on the wall and into your planner. At the beginning of each quarter create a vision board, include your financial projections for the quarter as well and the things that are needed in order to manifest and reach your target. Include pictures and words to best describe the smaller steps that need to be taken, adding as much detail as possible. This will help you gain clarity and visually see what you need to accomplish through the next 4 months. The more you add to your vision board to more successful you will be.

Each morning set aside time to meditate, visualizing your dreams coming true, as well as seeing the steps needed in order to move your vision forward. Then take some time to do some SOULwriting, knowing that whatever comes to you will serve a higher purpose, helping you along. Your struggles will become clearer and you will begin to see solutions to your once obstacles, so they can become opportunities. Then it’s time to check your planner for meetings, clients, content creation and any other elements you may need to include, then input the times you can move onto your destiny map and measure your progress. The measuring part is often skipped, however this imperative in order to know where you are and where you are going. Also creating a learning list is important as well. Growth is constant, so we need to continually invest time in ourselves to gain the wisdom and knowledge we need for advancement. Remember, everything happens one step at a time, don't get overwhelmed with the big picture, just focus on the smaller aspects that need to be performed as you go.

Create a soul contract with yourself, vowing to fulfill your daily practice to accomplish the things you have set out to do. It is not only your responsibility to yourself, but also to the world, as your life purpose is vitally important to the growth of our planet. Include a commitment to meditation, a “to do” list; or as I like to call them a "To Love & Create” list, as well as creation (we have come to the planet to create - so taking the time each day in order to create content or specific projects needed to fulfill your dreams is an vital step), making sure you take time for your family and self-care as well. These are your daily commitments. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, switch to a different task with a timer (you can use your phone or an app for this), close down distractions and ensure you are slotting time restrictions in order to fulfill each one.

Set aside 3 meditation breaks, as well as intermittent tech breaks (stretch, yoga or go for a walk). Also including Biz Success Affirmations can be very helpful. Even when it comes to time management, one I find very helpful is to repeat, & time is on my side; whenever I'm on a pressing time restraint. This helps to combat the stress and begin working with time, rather than against it. Focus on a specific affirmation that speaks to you daily, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and right before bed. I allow mornings to focus on gaining wisdom, insight and direction. I use my afternoon meditation to unwind, gaining clarity and focus. I use my before bed meditation to dream, manifest and visualize my big picture goals coming true and believing without a shadow of a doubt, that they will! You will find out what works best for you, however you need to take the time to PLAN! :)

Keep in mind you can never plan for everything, or even carve a set path out in stone to living a truly inspired life. Living an inspired life happens by being patient with yourself, expressing love for what you're doing, loving yourself along the way and enjoying the journey not only the destination. Don't forget to laugh daily, love always and dance often. Take the time to create a DESTINY map to guide you along, however, sometimes you need to ride the waves you are given and soul surf your way to success! You truly deserve all of your dreams and desires coming into fruition, never give up, you'll get there.

Shining is your spiritual destiny. Stop playing small and go after your dreams, the time to rise up and SHINE is now! The world needs your light now, more than ever.

Lisa Lynn Adams is a Tony Robbins certified strategic intervention/performance coach, yoga teacher with a degree in social work and business. Author of two books and a highly sough-after Spiritual Success Coach, due to her uniqueness in the field and her wide areas of expertise.

Lisa brings years of business, online marketing and real estate investing experience. She is a passionate prosperity mentor to women helping them create successful and largely profitable businesses. She knew at a young age after witnessing both her parents take their last breath before her eyes, that she had an important mission on this earth and that was helping others see the potential in their pain, overcome obstacles to awaken to their life purpose. Turning it into prosperity, she teaches her students that abundance is our birthright, achievable and POSSIBLE! Lisa is always been a creative genius with a knack for marketing with a million and one innovative ideas, she came to realize that many of those ideas weren't for her, but for the women she was working with to profit from. Many call her the divine mother and nurturing doula to women's DREAMS! You can find Lisa on Facebook or Twitter.

Lessons Learned as a Magazine Editor

By Marlene Srdic

When people think of magazine editors, The Devil Wears Prada comes to mind. Fashion shows, swanky events, free gifts, Champagne lunches and the designers—oh my! So. Many. Designers.

While I may or may not have a crazy beauty stash (check) had wine over my last lunch date (guilty!) and rubbed elbows with a few designers (Louboutin, Llhuillier and more!), that’s not every day life. Today, I spent an inordinate amount of time obsessing over the best title for a story I’m currently editing. Not styling a photoshoot, not getting a midday blowout for an event later this evening. Just me in my home office with a cup of tea and this not-quite-right title glaring at my screen. And, to be quite honest, that’s how most days are around here.

Yes, life running a glossy isn’t always so glossy. But for me, it’s still fun, even when it can’t be filtered through a gorgeous Instagram lens. Here are a few life and business lessons I’ve learned from running a magazine:

The Juggle is Real

If you’ve got a solid attention to detail and can manage multiple projects without a problem, managing a magazine may be for you. Or, it may just make you want to tear your hair out! Between coming up with story ideas and managing freelancers to sending out contracts, editing features, writing stories and taking PR meetings, there is an insane amount of juggling involved.

Just like any business, it’s key to have some solid systems in place—and to know when to just say “no”. Since I also run my own copywriting business and blog (yes, I promise I sleep!) being organized is absolutely essential. I use a Day Designer Mini to plan my days, 17 Hats to deal with quoting and client invoices and HelloSign for sending out contracts to my writers. These make my life SO much easier, and oh-so-happy. Once you see a few patterns in your business, it’s easy to see where a few systems will streamline and simplify, so you can have time to live your own life!

Backup Plans are Essential

In the publishing world, there’s always some last-minute fire to put out. That’s just the nature of the beast when so much is dependent upon several connections down the chain. Whether it’s a contact that’s suddenly vanished, a photo that doesn’t come in or a story that needs to be killed because it’s suddenly a real life issue (true story), something always seems to happen when you’re up against deadline.

Now, I expect it and always keep my cool. This is where it’s key to have that really dependable freelancer in your back pocket who can jump right in and help save the day. This might mean the occasional late-night/weekend hours but hey, a print deadline is a print deadline! And that’s something you never miss.

People Will Disappoint You

I’ve had writers pitch me fabulous story ideas, only never to be heard from again. Or writers with amazing credentials and horrible product delivery. Some brand reps promise quality photos only to send in what looks like something my toddler took, and some people just can’t take the criticism. When you’re working with so many independent contractors, people are bound to disappoint you at some point or another. It’s important to deliver what you promise, always be professional and always make a good impression. Because no, I don’t forget, and many others don’t either.

Marlene Srdic is the Editor in Chief of Life Refined, a private-label luxury lifestyle publication. She is also the owner of Glitz & Grammar where she creates stylish copy for stylish brands and helps female entrepreneurs with their blogging and editing needs. When she’s not whipping copy into shape she’s typically found drinking Champagne on an outdoor patio, shoe shopping or spending time with her husband and their adorable toddler son. You can connect with Marlene on her fashion blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

3 Steps To Balance Your Blog And Your Full Time Job

By Jenna Black

You’re on a mission to become a full time blogger and really turn pro with your blog. With laptop in hand and a huge goal for your blogging career, you know you want to go from blogger to boss as soon as possible, but there’s a catch – you’ve got to somehow manage your day job while blogging at the same time! 

Before panic sets in, let me sooth your inner turmoil by telling you that it’s 100% possible to manage a blog while working full time. I know this because I’ve done it myself and I’ve seen others successfully do the same! 

What’s the secret key to success? It comes down to these three core pillars; savvy strategy planning, smart scheduling and brilliant focus. 

I used these three core pillars while I was working full time, running my blog and freelancing. After 5 months, I quit my full time job to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and start my own business. I used my blog as the platform to get me there, and now I want to show you how you can do the same thing! 

Using these three core pillars and a hefty dose of self-motivation, you can truly run a successful blog and find balance with your day job. Ready to get smart and strategic? Let’s dive in!


The first key to finding balance with blogging and your day job is to get seriously savvy with the strategy and direction of your blog. If you don’t have a plan or a roadmap of where you’re going, you’ll likely struggle to turn your blog hobby into a business. Yet, with a plan in hand you’ll be on your way to blog success!

Each blog is unique but when you create your strategy plan, there are a few things to include, to ensure you stay on track and feel balanced.

Set long-term goals for growth

The first place to start in creating your strategy plan is to set some goals around the long-term growth of your blog. Do you want to turn it into a business? What’s the goal for the next 6-12 months of your blog? Get really clear on where you want to take your blog, and from there you can work backwards to achieve your ultimate goals.

Get insights into your target market – clarity is key!

A common mistake I see many bloggers make, is they fail to research and fully understand their core readers and target market from the start. If making money from your blog is a goal of yours, it’s important to get crystal clear on who your target market is, why they are coming to your blog and how you can best serve them with amazing content. 

Start by defining who you target reader is and then develop insights into the specific problems or questions they have that are relevant to your blog. How does your blog help solve these problems or questions for your reader? Dive deep here and really think from the reader’s perspective so you can build a strategy plan around their wants and needs. 

Devise a content plan

Once you’re clear on who your reader is and why they are coming to your blog, it’s time to create a content planner to keep your blog focused and on track for success. Plan ahead of time and prep your blog content ideas for the next 3 to 6 months. Focus your content on your target market’s core problems, questions and concerns and be super specific on how and why you’re creating this content. 

Creating a content plan and knowing where your blog is going is really going to help you create success while juggling your blog and your job. 

Your action step:

Use your long-term goals, target market insights and content ideas and create your own savvy strategy plan. Refer to this when you’re feeling unbalanced or lacking motivation!


One of the biggest challenges as a blogger with a day job is to find the time to actually blog! It can be tricky but there is no better way to stay on track with your blogging goals than with a smart schedule. 

Set a smart (and realistic) schedule

Start by setting your blogging schedule in a realistic way. You know your life best, so find a schedule that is going to work for you. Jot down specific times into your work week and go even more pro by creating themed days. 

For example – Tuesday evenings could be your blog writing time. Thursday mornings could be marketing prep and strategy and Saturday afternoons might be focused on list building and community engagement. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it!

Treat your blog like a business

When I was blogging and working full time, I quickly learnt that I had to treat my blog as a business if I really wanted to quit my job and work for myself. I encourage you to do the same, especially if your goal is to make money and become a full time blogger. It’s so crucial to treat your blog schedule with respect and really show up and do the work. Consistency and a smart schedule are your keys to success!

Your action step:

Create your own weekly blog schedule that works for your lifestyle. Allocate key times to create content, market your blog and build your community and show up at those times with respect, pride and passion!


The final pillar in mastering your blog/work balance is to practice brilliant focus. Having a core focus on the direction of your blog and learning to work smarter, not harder is going to really help you find balance while working your day job. 

Batch your content

One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting my blog was creating content as I needed to. I quickly realized that I not only needed a content plan and strategy, I needed to get savvy with my time restrictions and batch my content.

If you’re seeking that blog/work balance, batching content is your savior. I personally recommend batching a couple of blog posts at a time and then batching social media updates for your next week or fortnight in one go. This simple tip will save you time and make your blogging efforts more productive. 

Eliminate distractions

When you’re feeling a bit burnt out or overwhelmed, go back to basics and focus on your ultimate blogging goals, and from there, focus on the work that’s going to move you closer to those goals in the shortest amount of time time. 

Eliminate any distractions that aren’t actively helping you grow your blog or reach those goals you set in your strategy plan. Getting lost in your Facebook feed? Install a site blocker. Caught up in reading other people’s blogs without doing anything on your own? Turn your wifi off and just write blog content instead. 

It all comes back to eliminating distractions and focusing on the stuff that’s going to move you forward, fast.

Your action step:

Create time in your smart schedule to batch your content or social media. Be aware of any distractions in your life that may hold you back from blog success and find a way to get rid of them to help you stay focused!

Remember, it’s totally possible to run a successful blog and have a full time job. Setting these three core pillars into your routine from the start is going to help give you clarity, purpose and focus to achieve your blogging goals! Keep at it and you’ll be going from blog to boss in no time!

Jenna Black is an online business coach for rising female entrepreneurs and bloggers. With over 8 years experience in online business, Jenna works with women from around the world to help them build their online empire with purpose, strategy and heart.

Top Photo Credit: Death to the stock photo

5 ways to restore balance in your life when working from home

By Chloe Waugh

Working from home isn’t for everyone- but if are lucky enough to have set up your office from your home there are a few ways to make it work for you. Here are my top tips for creating that all-important, much desired and almost impossible work/life balance: 

1. Make the most of your weekends

You have two days- and yes, I know, it isn’t enough! But I always make sure I get everything in order over the weekend to ensure that my Monday morning runs smoothly and my week is off to a great start. You know what they say- ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’… and it is so true! 

Saturdays are my fun and active days- we get up early and take the dog to the beach for a run, followed by a visit to our local farmers markets for breakfast and coffee. After that we either catch a Yoga class, or go surfing as a family.  I find if you get out and about (out of the house) and do something fun and active, heading home afterwards for a clean up doesn’t feel too bad.  I give the house a clean, do some washing and write a grocery list. I either hit the store afterwards or save it for Sunday, depending on our Saturday night dinner plans. 

Sundays I get the groceries, wash the sheets and prepare a meal or two for the coming week. I make sure all the washing is folded and put away and I have a nice clean slate for the week ahead. Sometimes I have been known for writing a to-do list for the coming week of work so that I have a clear mind for a good night’s sleep. I cook a nourishing meal for the family that night and everyone is prepared and rested for Monday- Plus, I know that we have spent some quality time together before a busy week of school and work. 

2.  Get the exercise that you need to be the best version of you

I am a big believer in the powers of practicing self-love and getting plenty of exercise, which has pulled me out of feeling sluggish and depressed on more than a couple of occasions. Working for myself from home gives me the freedom to explore my own interests and passions, such as Yoga and Pilates, in my own time. Whilst my work comes first (after my family of course) I put my health and happiness as my top priority in order to be the best version of myself, not only for my family, but also for me. 

When I am feeling healthy and happy, it is reflected in my work, and this is super important when developing creative content. So, in saying this, if I can catch a class at 9am after the school run, I do it. I can always make up for it after my son goes to bed or the next day, so I don’t make a big deal out of it. This gives me the adult interaction I crave and the time out of the house, so when I get back to the office (home) I am feeling pumped for the day ahead.  This may not work for everyone, but I encourage you to make exercise a part of your daily routine- even if it is only getting out of the house for a walk down the street for coffee. 

3.  Write out your weekly goals every Monday

Sit down on a Monday morning (or Sunday evening) and write your list. Not just a to-do list, but a list of goals or specific tasks that you need to get done in your current work week. 

Make them actionable, achievable, prioritised and relative to that week. Make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself with far-out goals for months down the track and big plans for the future. Stick to the five days that you have ahead of you and focus on what will be achieved that particular week. 

This sets out a clear list of things that you absolutely need to get done that week, and leaves you with a checklist to tick off as you go.

4. Dedicate time to your children, and live in that moment

I have a school-aged child, so this may vary with your situation, but I think you can apply this anywhere. 

Every afternoon after I pick Jasper up from school we have an afternoon snack together, talk about our day and I help him with his homework. This takes one hour- this is Jasper’s time. During this hour I do not answer emails, check Instagram, answer work-related phone calls etc. 

I sit with my son, give him eye contact and really listen to what he says.  After his homework and snack, then it is back to work for me- I am lucky in that Jasper is at a great age (eight years) so he can happily amuse himself with reading, toys and his gaming whilst I get another 2 hours in before I cook dinner. My partner and I talk to Jasper about this and he understands that I am working, and if he needs me he can talk to me, otherwise he leaves me to my work. 

Then we regroup at dinnertime, do the shower/bedtime routine and if I am feeling up to it I get another two hours of work in (especially if I am doing the morning exercise class). 

My fiancé is a pilot so he works away from home; I work my routine around his roster (my bible) but 70-80% of the time I am home on my own. But, when he is home, he does everything he can to help, which allows me to catch up on rest and work. We balance our lives out by making sure we both get enough in of what we love doing and we are both really happy with how it works and how supported we both feel. I make sure he gets a surf, he makes sure I get to Yoga. 

I can understand how this arrangement would be a lot more difficult with a baby or toddler, but the same principals could be applied during meal and play times. It is all about prioritising what is done workwise while your child is in care and what you can squeeze in when you have your child at home with you. Ask for help when you need it, and understand that you can only do so much - putting too much pressure on yourself is only going to be detrimental in the long run, for you and your family. 

5. Start each workday with intention and focus

OK - so you have exercised, cleaned and looked after your family- you are ready to take on your day!

Start each day with an intention; focus on what you need to do- write a list if it helps, then tick each task off as you go. 

A rule that I have applied lately is to not turn on my computer until I have set an intention and I know exactly what task I am going to do and how long I am going to spend doing it. Try it- it has really worked for me (and I am the biggest procrastinator around). 

When you are feeling a little fidgety or wandering off-track (hello Facebook notifications) you need a break. Boil the kettle, have a stretch or get some air. Come back to it after 5-10 minutes feeling refreshed and reset your intention. Believe it or not I repeat this process up to 5 times a day! My best work is done in spurts of around 45 minutes and then I need to break. Sometimes my break involves unpacking the dishwasher, or making Jasper’s bed and fixing up his room.  Other times I catch up on a Podcast or video series I have filed away, sometimes I do this standing up in the kitchen to give my back a break and do some stretching.

Everyone is different, find out what works for you then use it to your advantage. It only takes 10 minutes to hang a load of washing out - could you do this on your break? 

Chloe’ Waugh is a social media strategist, manager and coach who has gained a reputation as being efficient, creative and easy to work with. Chloe’s passion for social media really blossomed after the birth of her son 8 years ago, and it has naturally developed into her profession over time. She is now founder of Social Media Creative and has developed several different packages and resources to help others boom online. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.