Link Love // The Friday Files

It’s been one of those full but epic weeks –  thank god for caffeine right?  

I enjoyed early morning coffee catch ups with fellow #girlbosses I’ve long admired, nailed down a few new collaborations I can’t wait to reveal, got to chat all things marketing and blogging on a few international podcasts and tele-summits (stay tuned for more details!), launched our free Marketing Maven Bootcamp and I got to see one of my fav authors, Brene Brown, speak in Sydney (yes she was mind blowing). To top it all off I’m meeting up with some of my past students and a group of local Blog Society ladies to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak tonight so I’m ready for a wine and some killer conversation.

It was a good week and a lot of effort went into pulling off some of these catch ups when combined with a busy schedule so the in between moments were crazy, stressful and chaotic but that’s the beauty of this adventure isn’t it? Some weeks you’re on and some you’re not – and that is okay.

I’m learning that each week is different and to seize the opportunities when they strike. I also have to say that your energy and all the wonderful responses to my weekly newsletter have absolutely fuelled me lately. So many of you are also experiencing these shifts and finding your groove again – I’m thinking March has big things in store. So here’s to a big, beautiful weekend ahead and some link love reading to get you started. X Jac

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  • Save The Date – Digital Bravery, our 6 week marketing ecourse for creative opens doors 11 April, don’t miss our Early Bird offer here
  • The one thing all female leaders do to achieve their goals.
  • Why having a day job doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur
  • I love Brene Brown – luckily we’re reading her book for our Book Club this month. Join us here!
  • I’m chatting all things blogging in this Canadian Tele-Summit
  • Common contract mistakes to avoid

Link Love // The Friday Files

Happy Friday everyone! After letting out some really powerful emotions in my most recent  newsletters I’m happy to say that things feel back on track and it’s been amazing reconnecting with everyone after such a long absence. I continue to be surprised that when you tell the universe you’re ready, she really does deliver.  Productive coffee catch ups, offers of collaboration and new opportunities have come my way this week all as a direct result of allowing myself to open up. I’ve consciously made room in my business for ‘new’ and I’m absolutely ready.  Bring it on.

So with the energy flowing I’m working on some exciting updates to our Digital Bravery E-Course (relaunching in April!), a few new helpful biz guides coming your way next week, presentations for some new Tele-Summits I’m speaking at and getting ready to do some house renovation this weekend and pinning up a storm as we. So off you go to make room for new opportunities and enjoy the link love below before you power down..

  • I’m on a health kick at the moment so these 7 ways to fit exercise in daily have helped keep me on track!
  • Did you hear about this NEW project we’re launching in 2016?
  • The best known resource to help clear up money blocks and reframe your emotions about earning good money as a female biz owner.
  • We’re on the Snapchat bandwagon (you can find us @blogsociety) and these are some great tips about using it for business
  • Go girl! Here’s how to tackle financial independence like a boss
  • Can’t get enough of these podcasts!

Link Love // The Friday Files

Well Happy New Year strangers! After a blissful holiday spent in Boston with my family (during which I completely shut off) I am emerging from the holiday bubble and starting to get focused for 2016.  Despite being a Capricorn and having just celebrated my birthday this week, I happily admit that January isn’t one of my favourite months. I tend to find the flood of New Year’s resolutions a bit overwhelming and instead have created by own routine of allowing January to be a time of reflection and preparation, with real action always seeming to take place towards the end of the month. This year is panning out no different so if you haven’t yet hit your stride for 2016 don’t feel alone – and realise that you still have plenty of time to conquer those big dreams.

During these past few weeks of reflection I’ve realised how much I miss sharing my own personal journey here so while I will be sharing my thoughts on 2015 – what worked, what didn’t – soon, as well as what we have planned for 2016 – think more personalised services, events, new look website – I will promise that you’ll be hearing my voice more often and my words landing more frequenting in your inbox. In the meantime I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are easing into 2016 – let the adventure begin. As you can image, the link love this time of year is overflowing…enjoy below! x

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  • My 2016 calendar craze continues with this printable
  • 17 things you should be doing before you hit publish on every blog post
  • Absolutely love this New Year’s (free!) download
  • Travel more. Here’s how.
  • How to handle rejection like a boss

Link Love // The Friday Files

Still scratching my head that it’s May 1st today – this year is going by so fast and I know I’m not the only shouting at the universe to slow down. Luckily after a month of self-care that all started because of this, I am approaching May with a fresh new attitude and clarity about  my direction.

After dedicating this entire month to content that helps soothe, calm and refresh our inner selves, I’m ready to tackle May straight on. I’m more confident in my ability to balance, set boundaries but I’m also ready for a challenge to keep me on my toes and this is the perfect time of year to embrace an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach to business.

That’s way I’m happy to announce that during the month of May I’m here to support you – not only via social media but also here on the blog where we’ll be committed to bringing you an entire month of content dedicated to helping your business thrive. I’m calling it #maybizmakeover and I hope you’ll enjoy the content and incredible guest posts we have lined up for you. In the meantime have a restful weekend (and enjoy some top link love below!) x

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  • My gorgeous coaching client was featured on this awesome international blog – proud mama moment
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