Vivid Sydney // Embracing The Art of Digital Storytelling

Never be afraid to ask the question.

The one lesson I've learned during my experience launching Blog Society was never be afraid to ask the question - no mater how absurd or far fetched you will never achieve your goals if you don't have the courage to just ask.  When I set out  in 2012 with the absurd idea of talking to the team at the Vivid Festival about including a blogging event in their festival program, I had no idea they’d actually say yes or that last year’s festival would be the backdrop for the launch of Blog Society. 


I wanted to launch Blog Society during the Vivid Festival because I wanted to provide a platform for bloggers to be recognized and supported as storytellers so therefore the event was themed around digital storytelling. As with anything worth doing, it took months of planning, emails, late nights and the support of so many incredible friends, brands & bloggers that I am truly grateful for.


Looking back now the event itself was a bit of a blur but it was only the beginning of something special. From that room in the MCA overlooking Circular Quay a group of passionate and creative bloggers came together with a shared love of storytelling and Blog Society was born.

It still stands as one of my most proud moments and that's why I wanted to share here it with you today, knowing it always important to take it back to the start in order to understand where we are going.

x Jaclyn 


* I also wanted to thank the wonderful team that helped bring all of this together: Natalie Hayllar, Madeline Johnson, Jen Bishop, Viv Mansour, Milton Gan, Sam McAdam, Jessica Bellef, Emma Scamell, Amanda Tait, Katie Quinn, Dom Norris, Annette Wilson, Kate Somerville, Justine Rose, Rainy Sunday, Inside Out Magazine, T2, Dandi Studios, Gorman, Loving Earth, Mi Goal, Emerald & Ella, Blurb Oz, Murobond, Mr & Mrs White, Black Milk Candles, Canva, Cake Wine, Hydra Oil,  Happy Families Designs, Dear Henri, Vivid Festival and MCA.