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Megan Flynn Peterson of Freckled Italian // Behind The Blog Scene


I'm a sucker for a good food blog. My love probably stems from the fact I have little talent in the kitchen and my food photography leaves much to be desired but I have a huge amount of respect and love for my fellow bloggers that conquer the foodie world with ease.  One of those beautiful souls is Megan Flynn Peterson, a blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina and the writer behind Freckled Italian (my new fav food read).

I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Megan while at Alt Summit recently and just had to find out more about how she took on full-time blogging in 2013  and how she balances food, friendship, family, and marriage on her blog. Join me in saying hello and just a hint of warning, looking at her blog my instil strong hunger pangs...

Describe your blog in 3 words
Food, love, stories.
What is your blogging manifesto? 
Sharing the ins and outs of life and connecting with people all over the world on a personal level.
Top 3 blogging essentials? 
My planner, my camera, and a good cup of coffee!
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
Definitely making the leap from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a career. I quit my day job in August of 2013 and sometimes it still doesn't feel real; that this is my job and I get to do it every day for a living.
Best piece of advice I've been given? 
Don't worry so much about where you're going to end up. Trust the journey and just work hard every day.
I'm dreaming about traveling to.. 
Ireland, Norway, and Argentina
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger? 
Be yourself. Write about the things you love and take the time to be genuine and authentic. It can be a challenge, but it is so worth it.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Working in publishing or back in school, studying to be a librarian.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
Organized chaos. Working at home is so fun sometimes but I have the worst time staying organized. I can usually see the big picture, but I tend to get a little lost in the details from time to time.
This year I'm most excited about...
Taking a step back and adopting a "less is more," or "quality over quantity" approach to blogging (and my life in general). 


Photos by Sarah Gatrell of Photo + Love for Freckled Italian.

Behind The Blog Scene // Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!


There are some blogs I go to religiously for escape. For pure, blissful, unapologetic escape and that's where Chelsea Fuss comes in. Her blog, Frolic! is devoted to simple and thoughtful living and in a world that is sometimes woven with a non-stop blanket of 'stuff' - her beautiful blog is a welcome oasis. You know the kind I'm talking about - the ones that makes you linger a bit longer and appreciate the details.

You have to trust a girl that has been blogging since 2006 and has been recognized by The London Times, The Wall Street Journal, Domino and more. I was lucky enough to grab some time with her to talk about her honest style, her ideas for the future and some advice for those just starting out. Enjoy...

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Playful. lighthearted. pretty.
What is your blogging manifesto?
It's my creative space to post what I want.
Top 3 blogging essentials?
Laptop. camera. passport.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
When my new site went live earlier this year :)
Right now I'm listening to...
Ezza Rose
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Own who you are and be yourself.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
A gardener. 
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
Chaos, most often.
In 2014 I'm most excited about...
Learning about organic farming, gardening, and permaculture and hope to share my discoveries with my sweet blog readers.


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Behind The Blog Scene // Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper


There are certain days where achieving your dreams can feeling overwhelming. You know what I mean, the days where nothing around you actually gets done, when it feels like everyone around you is kicking goals but you. It's moments like these that I find myself drawn to the story of others - to find out how they started, succeeded and take comfort and motivation that our journeys - at least the start (and sometimes the middle) are often very similar.  

Take for example, Jessie Artigue from Style & Pepper - a blogger, biz woman and founder of an event series I love called Pepperologie. Jessie's journey started out in 2009 so it's important not to compare your beginning with someone else's middle, however through hard work, constant reinvention and determination she has built up a brand doing the very things she loves. Thrilled to finally have her here on the blog and hope her tips keep you moving in the right direction this week...

What is your blogging manifesto?  
Inspiring advice to live a happy, healthy & flavorful life!
Right now I'm listening to…
Shake it off by Taylor Swift - HA! 
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?  
Let the very first thing you do be identifying the WHY behind your site. I have a whole presentation on this that I’ve given at several blogging conferences… It’s always my favorite talk to give, and has become a major theme of my consulting for fellow online influencers!
If I wasn't blogging I'd be…
A TV news anchor or creative director of an interactive agency.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like…
A happy family!  I’ve got a loving husband-slash-photographer, two incredible team members that keep me pulled together, and a darling little blog-dog that has turned into the best mascot ever. :)
In 2014 I'm most excited about…
Hosting a few new on-air projects and continuing to develop my web series called S&P-TV!


All images by Gerard Brown

Behind The Blog Scene // Laicie Heeley of A Thousand Threads

Laicie Heeley

I found myself scrolling through Instagram one day, only to stop dead in my tracks when I came across Laicie Heeley's feed. I was hooked. I immediately reached out and introduced myself because sometimes you just know when you're supposed to meet someone - ever get that feeling? Laicie's a girl after my own heart and I can't wait for you to meet her today.

She's clever, witty, has a great eye for style and her blog A Thousand Threads will soon be bookmarked as a favourite. If that's not enough she's also runs 2 other businesses, is the news correspondent for The Everygirl and works full time as a policy analyst. The girl is busy and brilliant which is why its so great to grab a few minutes of her time today and pick her brain on all things blogging...happy reading. 

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Simple, honest, adventurous
What is your blogging manifesto?
The blog's name is based on a quote about marriage, and the blog is all about life and love. Not just the love between my husband and I, or our love of our family, but also our love of life. We strive every day to create a life that we love, above all else, and any little part we can play in inspiring others to do the same is a success.
Top 3 blogging essentials?
Photoshop, my iPhone (and a very, very big data plan), and these days, cloud storage. We take a lot of pictures ha. :)
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
I've had a few! But one huge recent milestone was being asked to speak at Alt Summit this past year. When I started blogging, just getting to Alt felt like a huge accomplishment. It was incredible to have the chance to speak.
My dream collaboration would be?
Oh wow, there are so many. I'm such a big fan of Steven Alan, to catch their eye would be huge.
Right now I'm listening to...
We try to get up to Newport Folk Fest every year if we can, and the bands we discover there are always so incredible. Right now Reignwolf, Hozier, Shakey Graves, and Lucius are set on constant repeat.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Hang in there, and if there's something you feel like you need to improve, take a class. Nobody starts out right where they want to be. It takes time to get into the groove. If you stick with it and work hard, though, you will. I promise.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Writing in some other way, even if it was just in my journal! Maybe I'd be doing more freelance.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
Haha! A mess? You should see our studio. It's an incredible, beautiful mess, though. Nothing makes me happier.
This year I'm most excited about...
So many things! Our series of Field + Foundry dinners just kicked off with the first in Virginia, and our business, Dough Uprising, is growing fast. There are so many possibilities on the horizon right now, and that's a really good feeling.

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Behind The Blog Scene // Jenn Elliott Blake of Scout


If you're like me you have a few special feeds on Instagram that you rely on for instant inspiration. The ones that you adore, that you look at in a slightly stalker-ish way and think 'hey we should totally be friends. You know the ones. For me, that totally sums up how I feel about event designer, prop stylist and blogger Jenn Elliott Blake.  

Jenn hails from Seattle which makes her cool to begin with however her blog, Scout and endless circle of creative friends, will have you admitting a girl crush in no time. I finally worked up the courage to ask her for an interview and her response so warm and friendly I knew she was the real deal. Have a read below and get this girl on your radar, trust me...

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Colorful, communal, and adventurous.
Top 3 blogging essentials?
Time, dedication, and creativity.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
When I made the decision to only share original content. The whole intention behind why I blogged made a huge shift and that decision made blogging feel like so much more - it became an authentic and intentional extension of my creative self and my business.
My dream collaboration would be?
Oh man...there are many! There are so so many folks and brands out there that I would love to collaborate with. My ideal collaboration always revolves around food, social gathering and a team effort.
Right now I'm listening to...
Pandora is my best friend. Seriously NOT joking. It is on 24/7. Today my 'stations' included : Billie Holiday, Mumford & Sons and Ingrid Michaelson. I'm into music that is soothing and explores emotions.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Consistency and be original as much as you can. It's okay to share the work of others (be sure to credit!) but make sure it comes from a place of original thought. Also, blog on a consistent basis if possible - I used to blog upwards of 5 times a week but that has slowed down a bunch as my freelance styling work has picked up. Regardless I still make sure to blog at least 1-2 days a week.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Oh my gosh. What a good question! I honestly feel in my heart of hearts that if I hadn't been encouraged by a close friend to start my blog all those many years ago that I would have never pursued my current creative endeavors. Blogging has opened so many doors for me that I could have never imagined possible. I might actually still be in nursing for all I know if I hadn't started blogging! Woah.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
A total mess on most days. Since prop styling falls hand in hand with the work I share on my blog my office is typically a complete disaster with fabric, ceramics, DIY projects, tools and all kinds of other bits and bobs covering most surfaces.
This year I'm most excited about...
All of my travel opportunities. One of my favorite things to share about on my blog is the amazing places I get to explore and all the inspiring people I get the opportunity to collaborate with on creative projects while I travel.

Images via: Dorothee Brand, Jenn Elliot Blake, Dorothee Brand