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5 Ways to Effectively Engage in Facebook Groups

By Miranda Nahmias

If you’re a blogger or online service provider trying to grow your brand and make an impact in your niche, learning how to effectively engage in Facebook groups is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Some people think that marketing yourself in Facebook groups is sleazy or sneaky, but when done correctly, by building authentic relationships and connecting in real ways with other members, that is totally not the case!

Today I want to talk about four ways that you can effectively engage in Facebook groups, in order to book out your services, sell a product, or increase traffic and email subscribers!

4 Ways to Effectively Engage in Facebook Groups:

#1: Craft the Perfect Introduction
One thing that I notice is super under-utilised by people trying to engage in Facebook groups is posting a super kick-butt introductory post. Once you’ve been added to a new Facebook group, it’s time to let yourself shine and get to know the other members! What better way to do this than introduce yourself?

In order to make the most of your introduction, work in these key aspects:

  • Your name + name of your business
  • What you do
  • Who you help
  • A photo of yourself

Along with those basics, try to spice up your introduction post a bit with some personality quirks. Mention your adorable 1-year-old, your supportive husband, or your can’t-stop-won’t-stop addiction to caffeine. What makes you YOU? Talk about it!

Adding in a few relatable tidbits about yourself makes your introduction call out like a beacon to your ideal customers. They’ll be intrigued by how you’ve talked about yourself and want to introduce themselves right back in the comment section!

If you really want to blow away potential clients with an amazing introduction, check out this resource: The Facebook Group Introductory Post Blueprint.

#2: Participate in Promo ThreadsIn most Facebook groups, especially those geared towards bloggers and business owners, there are “promo threads” that correspond with a certain day of the week. Those threads allow you to post a link that directs people back to your business in some way.

The most popular type of promo thread is for recent blog posts, and these are a great opportunity for you to engage in Facebook groups and grow your business!

If used correctly and consistently Facebook traffic from those promo links can be a huge source of traffic! For me personally, Facebook groups are my second-highest referrer of traffic to my website (right behind Pinterest).

One key tip for promo threads is that you really want to make your addition to the thread clickable. These threads can sometimes have hundreds of other comments, so you want to make sure that your link stands out from the crowd.

I use the Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress so that I can choose which image shows up when I pop my blog post link in the comment section. Try to use an image that’s eye-catching and includes your brand colors!

Another way to make your link to stand out is to actually write a description for your link. A lot of people will include just the link in their comment, but if you take the time to write a few sentences about the post and what it includes, people will be more likely to click!

Along those lines, also make sure that your headline is really well written. I like to use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to make sure that the combination of words I’m using is going to really make people want to click over to my blog!

#3: Don’t Post the Same Thing to Multiple Groups
This is one of my biggest pet peeves as a Facebook group addict, and something that I unfortunately see a lot.

Creating a new thread/post in a Facebook group can be one of the best ways to engage in Facebook group and strongly attract potential new clients to you. But the trick is that you have to do it the right way, or else you’re just going to annoy people!

If you’re in a bunch of Facebook groups in one niche, there’s a high probability that other people in those groups are going to belong to other groups in that niche as well. So if you’re trying to attract one type of client, posting the same content in multiple different groups in that same niche is most likely going to mean that some people are seeing the post more than once.

This just isn’t smart! If you do have a really good story or question that you want to share in multiple groups, there is a much better solution for how to do this. What you want to do is change up the wording/image(s) from one post to another, and also try to space out your timing of the post. This will have a big impact in reducing the likelihood that multiple people are seeing your post.

You could also be completely transparent and mention in your post that you are cross-posting from another group! Being honest like that is a great way to gain the respect of those potential clients you’re trying to win over.

#4: Answer People’s Questions
Besides posting brand-new content in a Facebook group, answering people’s questions is the next-best way to wow your potential clients and stand out from the crowd. Going out of your way to answer a question someone has is an awesome way to engage in Facebook groups and get your name and expertise out there!

One good way to go about finding questions to answer is to head over to the search bar that is on the front page of all Facebook groups. Type in a keyword that relates to the services you provide, and ta-da! You’ll find a bunch of recent relevant posts that you can comment on and throw your two cents in.

Look for those keywords in multiple groups, and you’re sure to find a whole bunch of eager question-posters looking for help! Going above and beyond by helping them out is the perfect way to show that you are available and willing to help and that you’re good at what you do. It’s not uncommon that answering someone’s question so well might actually get you hired by them! (Or a onlooker who is impressed by your skills.)

If you’re really looking to blow the competition out of the water, try using a free tool like Jing to create a quick screen share of you solving their problem. Upload the link into your Facebook comment and watch your potential clients become awestruck with your genius!

Once you’ve started to engage in Facebook groups by following these steps, get ready to see potential clients and traffic funneling over to your website on autopilot!

When utilized correctly (in a not-sleazy way!), Facebook groups can be the BEST way for you to grow your business as an online service provider or blogger. Experiment with different types of posts, comments, and behavior in order to truly maximize your efforts!

Miranda Nahmias is an experienced virtual assistant who runs an elite team of U.S.-based VAs in a variety of different specialities. Miranda is passionate about helping female online entrepreneurs like you get relief from administrative, social media, and blogging-related tasks. Connect with her via her free email ecourse, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

6 Pinterest Essentials for Business Owners

By Anne and Kathleen 

As a business owner, you have so, so many threads to chase. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling on Etsy, designing new software, or providing a coaching service to female entrepreneurs, you wear a lot of hats. Some are fun, some are fabulous, and others? Well, you’d just as soon never put those hats on at all.

That’s how many people view Pinterest. Sure, it’s girly and fluffy, and has more banana-bacon pancakes than the world needs, but it’s also a visual bookmarking tool. One you can use, even if you think your audience isn’t using Pinterest. If your audience buys things online, they’re using Pinterest.

And Pinterest is an excellent driver of traffic to your website. It’s better than Twitter and Facebook combined. Why? People head to Pinterest when they’re in a buying mentality instead of a “hmm, I wonder what my friends are doing on social media” mindset.

We want to help you succeed, so we put together six Pinterest essentials for business owners. Get these ducks in a row, and you’ll see a marked increase in your traffic.

1. Set up a Pinterest Business Account

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, head over to and set up an account. Set up a business account, not an individual account, because Pinterest will give you the tools and insights you need to make the most of this experience.

Already have a personal account with followers? Convert your account to a business account. It’s just a few clicks and doesn’t require any extra information or hard steps.

2. Set Up Boards That Appeal to Your Audience

You know your ideal client, right? What’s she like? What does she do when she’s not buying what you’re selling? Set up lifestyle boards that relate to your audience.

Goal: set up at least ten non-branded boards with at least ten pins each that show your personality and the personality of the people you’re trying to attract.

3. Pin Your Products

This is a no brainer if you are a product-based company, but even if you’re selling coaching or other non-tangible services, make a point to pin those as well. Call this board “Your Business Name” and add enough pins so your customer knows exactly what they’ll get from you if they decide to hire you.

4. Make it Easy to Maintain

Hire someone to set up your pins and boards for you, then make that person responsible for maintaining your Pinterest profile. If hiring is not in the cards, there are affordable tools like Board Booster to keep things going.

Maintenance tasks include: pinning other content to your boards (aside from your branded board), pinning your new content and products, applying to group boards, creating a group board, deleting pins with a low repin count, adding your pins to the appropriate group boards, etc.

5. Help Your Customers Help You

Prompt people to pin your images while they are reading by installing a Pin It button that displays when readers hover over your images.

SumoMe Image Sharer adds not only Pinterest, but also Twitter and Facebook. Best of all? It’s free!

An alternative free option is jQuery Pin It.

6. Experiment with Promoted Pins

Brands are seeing huge success with promoted pins. Read about how lingerie-subscription service Adore Me gained more customers using promoted pins here.

Why promote pins? Thus far, they tend to be cheaper than Facebook, which is one point right away. Secondly, promoted pins result in re-pins. Re-pins lead to longer lasting traffic. A Facebook ad is displayed in a feed, perhaps a few times to the same person, and then is gone. A promoted pin is displayed in a feed and if it gets repinned, it goes on to become an organic pin that brings you long lasting traffic.

Now What?

Implement these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a strong Pinterest presence. And trust us when we say that a strong Pinterest presence means a strong boost in traffic. And traffic? Traffic converts to revenue.

Want to learn even more? We’re looking for a small group of dedicated bloggers to join us as we teach you how to leverage Pinterest to bring your website dedicated sustainable traffic. Find out more about the Pinterest Strategy beta course here.

Anne and Kathleen have started dozens of websites over the past several years and they are always looking for ways to grow their traffic and efficiently utilize their time. You can find Anne at and Kathleen at (among other places!). Their Pinterest strategy course is bursting at the seams with actionable content to help you level up your business. Beta launches in February, full course launches in May.

Link Love // The Friday Files

Happy Friday everyone! After letting out some really powerful emotions in my most recent  newsletters I’m happy to say that things feel back on track and it’s been amazing reconnecting with everyone after such a long absence. I continue to be surprised that when you tell the universe you’re ready, she really does deliver.  Productive coffee catch ups, offers of collaboration and new opportunities have come my way this week all as a direct result of allowing myself to open up. I’ve consciously made room in my business for ‘new’ and I’m absolutely ready.  Bring it on.

So with the energy flowing I’m working on some exciting updates to our Digital Bravery E-Course (relaunching in April!), a few new helpful biz guides coming your way next week, presentations for some new Tele-Summits I’m speaking at and getting ready to do some house renovation this weekend and pinning up a storm as we. So off you go to make room for new opportunities and enjoy the link love below before you power down..

  • I’m on a health kick at the moment so these 7 ways to fit exercise in daily have helped keep me on track!
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  • The best known resource to help clear up money blocks and reframe your emotions about earning good money as a female biz owner.
  • We’re on the Snapchat bandwagon (you can find us @blogsociety) and these are some great tips about using it for business
  • Go girl! Here’s how to tackle financial independence like a boss
  • Can’t get enough of these podcasts!

Creating a Community on Social Media as an Introvert

By Elizabeth Fein

Social media is a great outlet for introverts to interact with others and market themselves. 

It’s much easier to be brave behind a computer screen, and that is a beautiful thing. On the flip side, it can also be really overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel like you are on a train platform and everyone is shouting at you in all directions and you don’t know what to do. We want to grow our businesses with social media and we know we can, but how do we do it in a way that feels 100% us? Because shouting our expertise from the rooftops and promoting ourselves constantly is just not right for all of us. Here are some tried and true strategies that I use to build my business and market myself as an introvert. 

Let your content do some of the talking

Create content and let it promote you. Sitting down to write a blog post, create a course, or start a conversation on Instagram is a great for introverts to put themselves out there. It allows introverts that quiet time to create, but it also helps build up that courage that will allow you to share it. Processing through your thoughts in the creation process and really honing down on what you want to say and how you want to say it will give you that courage to share it. Spearhead those conversations you want to be having with content. 

Avoid being everywhere at once

I hear it all of the time. Be on as many social media platforms as possible to get your work out there. Promote, promote, promote! This is the kiss of death for an introvert. It will leave you feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Social media is all about creating relationships and interacting with a lot of people, but that can drain introverts. So choose one to three social media platforms that energize you and build a community on those. Sit down and really think about which platforms are right for you and your creative endeavors. What skills do you have? And where will they shine best? 

If something feels uncomfortable, don’t do it

You don’t need to emulate how other people market themselves. What your favorite blogger or social media expert tells you may not work for you. If something feels wrong and selling yourself constantly feels icky, don’t do it. I guarantee if it feels awkward for you, it will feel awkward for your audience. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to build our businesses, but doing this on a daily basis because everyone else does it this way is not a good long term growth strategy. Step out of your comfort zone, but do it on your terms. 

Building your social media community can happen one person at a time

We see it all of the time on social media. There are people with thousands and thousands of followers. On one hand we want that, but on the other it’s scary. Know that this is something that doesn’t need to happen all at once. It can happen one connection at a time. 

I know that as an introvert I thrive on one-on-one interactions. If you are an introvert, this is probably true for you, too. Use that quality to your advantage. Create relationships one person at a time in an intimate way and you will set the foundation for connections that create advocates for your work. It may take a bit longer to build your business and following than someone who is good at gathering large groups of people, but it will happen. And it will happen in a way that keeps you energized and feeling like 100% you. 

Get Quiet

It’s okay to step away! There is so much pressure to be constantly engaged on social media that it’s easy to feel like we are missing out and opportunities are being lost if we miss an Instagram post or don’t blog for two weeks. It’s just not the case. Taking breaks and putting your best foot forward are essential ways to avoid burnout. Create room to hear your own voice and be inspired to log back in and have that fire lit to create the connections and business you want. 

Interact with people when you have the energy

After interacting with people all day on social media for my clients, I feel exhausted and I have so much noise going on in my own head that it’s really hard for me to take the time to nurture relationships with my own followers. I know this about myself so I schedule out times during my day when I am feeling energized and sharp. Sometimes I have to wake up early and respond to people early in the morning over a cup of coffee. Some days I do this at 11:00 at night when I have processed my day and the house is quiet. Do your work whenever you feel energized and sharp. It’s OK if this means you have to wait four hours to respond to a comment. People will be happy that you are responding in an energized, genuine way rather than a quick, exhausted way. 

Find your tribe

Interact with people that inspire you and leave you feeling energized. This can be hard, but I guarantee if you find these people it will make all the difference in your social media experience. Talk to other introverts and ask them how they deal with social media. Connect with people who are where you want to be and that share the same qualities as you. You can learn from each other, and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Elizabeth Fein is the founder of Iterate Social. She works as a social media manager for creative entrepreneurs, teaches social media workshops, and coaches small business owners. Her latest project is her course Quietly Unstoppable :: Digital Marketing for Introverts. You can also download her free eBook The Boss Babe’s Guide to Social Media (27 pages of social media, branding, and photo styling tips).

Link Love // The Friday Files


Yes, I'm a day late with this week's Friday Files post but I promise I had every intention of posting yesterday (really, I did!)  I'm actually blogging as we speak from Bali (tough life I know) and I was being such a good blogger when the call of the beach and sunset cocktails became too strong to ignore. I'm trying to live in the moment this holiday, while also balancing Blog Society biz so forced myself to step away from the screen and go out and enjoy this beautiful place around me.  I hope you are also enjoying this Easter break surrounded by those you love best.  More from Bali this week but in the meantime here's what caught my eye around the blog world:

  • Here's how to use Pinterest to help grow your blog
  • Struggling to create original content? A great example of how it's done well.
  • Going to test out a few new recipes like this when we're back home
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  • For me travel is everything, this is next on my wish list