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Taking a slight detour from our regular scheduling to bring you The Monday Files – because well things just got a bit too busy for me to write my regular The Friday Files post so I thought a few days late wouldn’t hurt anyone – done is better than perfect right? Plus I’ve got lots of great links to share to kick start your week.

Admittedly I’ve been spending way too much time online this past weekend, I typically try and power down on Saturday and Sunday but with our new home and office needing a lot of love I’ve fallen deep into the rabbit hole of interior blogs, decoration pins – and suddenly 8 hours go by, you know how it is.  Rather than feeling drained (which is how I was feeling last week) the time online pouring over gorgeous images, clever content and discovering new blogs actually left me really inspired. I’ve been feeling sluggish these past few weeks and I haven’t really been able to pin point where this lack of energy or motivation was coming from but I feel the fog is lifting and that my #bizboss mojo is returning – so here’s to a productive week ahead and hoping the links below help cure any of the Monday blues…x Jac

  • LOVE this new #girlpower campaign from Instagram
  • Need a bit of guidance? We’re opening up a few  coaching/mentor slots before the end of the year!
  • My pumpkin obsession continues, this is one recipe I’ll be trying for Sunday brunch
  • I’ll be putting on my DIY hat and giving this project a go this month
  • Seriously missing fall weather – and Erin makes it look sooo good.
  • Cool job alert – total creative envy with this role!

Link Love // The Friday Files

It’s been a BIG week – the kind of week you look back on and go, ‘did that really happen?’  I’m still reeling from the excitement of buying our first home, an adorable unit in Sydney that will become the new Blog Society HQ and I can’t wait to start decorating once we move in, until that happens I’ll be spending an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest.

We also announced our very first winners of the Digital Bravery Scholarship here and I was so grateful for the flood of heartfelt applications – massive thanks to everyone that applied, the decisions was so, so difficult to make. The announcement came on the heels of news that doors have opened for our next round of our 6 week digital marketing & social media e-course for creative, Digital Bravery.  This is perfect timing for everyone looking for a last minute kick start before the holidays and so that you can rest up over Christmas and hit the ground running next year. The course officially kicks off on 19 October however enrolment is on now with a pretty sweet Early Bird deal ending on Sunday, then the price goes up. 

And finally I’m still easing back into the blogging world after having slowed things down over August and truth be told I’m rather enjoying this slower pace.  With the change in seasons I’m beginning to feel a shift in energy so am going to sit back a bit longer and see how things go – in the meantime this weekend is going to be full of house packing and de-cluttering, I’m strangely looking forward to it. Here’s some link love to keep you inspired and I’ll see you next week! X Jac

  • Digital Bravery Early Bird ends Sunday – are you in?
  • Can’t wait for summer entertaining like this in our new backyard!
  • My new go to drink recipe for hot summer days
  • The must read guide for every blogger                         
  • Love this post about fresh starts and looking ahead
  • Self-employed? Here’s how to master your budget

Link Love // The Friday Files

The end of the week has always been about reflection for me. A time to wind down, shake off the cobwebs of the week and look forward. Admittedly, this week has been filled with a thousand lessons - of patience, of compromise, of vulnerability. I have felt strong, weak, confident and unclear - sometimes all at the same time. I have come to understand that growth - both personally and professionally - is a constant in life.

We are always growing, changing, learning and improving don't you think? That goes for this blog, my business - and yours. It's a sometimes challenging yet necessary process in life and this week I've tried to embrace that craziness that comes with learning new things. Here's to wild rides and weekend adventures (not to mention some pretty great link love below)...

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  • Our E-Course Scholarship Application is OPEN – good luck!
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DIY Homemade Rose Body Scrub Recipe

Rose Body Scrub Recipe

By Cybele Masterman

Do you ever feel frustrated, because you really, really want to do something luxurious or spoil yourself, but can’t because of a lack of time or money? Argh!!! I remember feeling so frustrated when I started in magazines. It was hilarious, because I was surrounded by all this luxury, but I couldn’t afford any of it.

It can feel the same when starting a business or a blog, except you need to add the emotional roller-coaster factor. One day you’ve had your things shared on Apartment Therapy and everyone loves what you’re doing and the next, something flops or a narky comment comes in and a pick me up is desperately needed. But, you’re watching where the money goes and your time’s pretty limited too. Meanwhile, Betty is posting pictures of her stay at a five star retreat on Instagram…

It’s strange how we often think of luxury as being something expensive and this seems to apply to beauty products more than anything else, yet it’s not really true.

You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you a fresh asparagus spear has more nutrients and tastes better than a tinned one, but the same can be true of beauty products. The active ingredients in a lot of cosmetics can be depleted by the time we use them.

Sometimes fresh is best. Sometimes, we don’t even need to buy special ingredients. Sometimes, we can use things we were throwing out.

An invigorating coffee scrub to help bust cellulite’s arse, a papaya fruit enzyme mask to give our face a lift when we’re feeling a bit lifeless or watermelon rind hydration boost to give the skin the big drink it needs after we’ve been pushing too hard for too long. These are free or cheap as chips and work like a charm. One of my favourite home spa treats is a rose body scrub. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and gives me the oomph to tackle another day.

Rose Body Scrub
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, which is lucky because rose essential oil is nearly as expensive as gold. People pay for it, because of how good it is for the skin, but it’s pretty easy to get the benefits without paying the price simply by using dried rose petals.

The best petals to use are dried spray-free ones. We have a lovely lady down the road who has the most spectacular rose garden and I’ve just arranged to take the blooms when they start to wilt and I’ll gift her with some infused rose oil, later.

A salt
My favourite salt is Murray River salt. This pretty pink salt contains minerals from the ancient saltpans of inland Australia and has the added bonus of helping salinity issues. Epsom and Himalayan salts are also great, but any sea salt you have in the cupboard is fine, too.

This is a pretty zingy scrub, which is great for stimulating the body, but if you have any grazes, rashes or cuts there can be the salt-in-wound stingy thing. You can either avoid the area or swap the salt for sugar.

On oils
I like to bump up the fragrance of the scrub with some rose geranium or palma rosa essential oil or an infused rose oil. You can buy rose oil, usually a 3% dilution is reasonably priced, or you can make your own infused rose oil, but it’s hard to give an exact quantity for this in the recipe below as the potency varies a lot, so be guided by your nose when adding it to the scrub.

Rose Body Scrub Recipe
Makes about 1 cup of body scrub

¼ cup coconut oil, melted
¾ cup salt
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons dried rose petals, ground or cut up finely
30 drops rose geranium or palma rosa essential oil (or add infused rose oil, according to your preference)
0-2 tablespoons sunflower or grape seed oil, depending on the consistency you prefer

Warm up the coconut oil if you need to soften it.
Mix together all ingredients in a new or sterilised jar.
Label with date and ingredients.
Always test new products in a discrete spot in case of allergies.
Apply to damp skin in gentle circles all over the body - if possible, leave for a few minutes - thoroughly rinse off, dry and moisturise. Enjoy!

How do you like to spoil yourself?

Cybele (Bele) Masterman, a freelance interior, food and travel writer, who once upon a time trained as a beauty therapist, make up artist and aromatherapist. You can find her at Blah Blah Magazine.

Rose Body Scrub