A Look Back // Melbourne Modern Calligraphy with Lulu Lucky


When running a business it's pretty incredible to look back and see milestones or moments achieved that had at one time seemed impossible. When I first drafted the idea for a blogging community driven by online and offline workshops I had a list of a few 'dream' events that I wanted to make happen. Calligraphy was one of them.  I was so lucky to team up with Kara from Lulu Lucky to host 3 sold out events last year. It was a dream collaboration and I loved every minute of working with Kara - who for those that don't know is so full of happy energy, enthusiasm and endless inspiration. The woman is a talent force to be reckoned with and it was such fun dreaming up these workshops together.

We took our calligraphy show on the road and hit Melbourne, hosting our workshop at the amazing Pop & Scott studio. It was such a fun day and I can't wait to host more workshops - if you're keen on another collaboration between Blog Society & Lulu Lucky please comment below and I'll see what we can do to bribe Kara down from Brisbane - or perhaps another Blog Society road trip is in order?


Behind The Blog Scene // Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day

There is nothing more rewarding than admiring and respecting someone from afar, only to realise that they are truly that genuine, clever and lovely in person. That was my experience when I was lucky enough to meet and work with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day last year in Melbourne.  

Oh Happy Day is the ultimate craft playground, a visual carousel of inspiring eye candy that continues to produce what I consider to be some of the best original content in the blogosphere. Jordan gets it. She's smart, talented and I have admired her blog and watched it grow long before I moved to Australia.  One of the things I really love about Jordan is that despite her success she still maintains such a personal, down to earth tone on her blog and its that familiarity and accessibility that immediately draws you in.  So as you can see I'm a huge fan. HUGE.  Getting to work with her last year was an incredible experience and both her and her husband are just as cool, fun, cute and clever in person. If you missed it, check out photos here, it really was an awesome night.

So it therefore shouldn't come as any surprise that I'm interviewing the very talented, very crafty Jordan on this week's Behind the Blog Scene series.  Read on below for an interview that promises to make you smile (I mean how can not fall in love with any blogger who references Beyonce when describing what happens behind the scenes of her blog??) And finally a huge shout out to Jordan for sharing her thoughts below...enjoy.


Describe your blog in 3 words… 
Happy, Fun, Colorful
What is your blogging manifesto? 
Make People Happy
Top 3 blogging essentials? 
Macbook, Crepe Paper, Cake. I can't live without my computer, Crepe Paper is my material of choice to make projects with and I love cake. Any excuse to have a cake in the studio and I take it.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....? 
I don't have one big milestone but 2011 was a great year for me. I really focused on making content and my site grew a lot. It's sort of when everything "clicked."
My dream collaboration would be?
I would love to do a line of party supplies. I've even designed them already!!!
Right now I'm listening to...
Songza. It's my favorite music app because the playlists are chosen by humans not an algorithm. My favorite playlist while I make things is "Sunshine Indie."  Also we play lots of Beyonce.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Be consistent, invest in your own site, and create original content.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Making products or eating donuts.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
A Beyonce video
In 2014 I'm most excited about...
I'm working on a few secret projects that I have to keep mum (I'm the worst at keeping my own secrets.) I also just bought a house after living in tiny San Francisco apartments for 10 years. I'm excited to decorate it.


Images courtesy of Oh Happy Day

A Look Back // Kinfolk Honey Harvest Melbourne

Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0010.jpg

Today we're looking back at an event that almost didn't happen. We all know those moments in life when things are crazy.  You barely have time to breathe let alone contemplate adding something new to the agenda but this is exactly what happened when I flew down to Melbourne to host this gorgeous Kinfolk Honey Workshop. 

I was about to leave to go overseas but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of urban beekeeping with Maya Sunny Honey and Melbourne City Rooftop Honey and I really had a pinch me moment when I stopped to look around and realised that simply by saying yes (when it really would have been much easier to say no) was the best decision I could have made.  

Not one to waste an opportunity, once the Kinfolk event was over I hung around and hosted a Blog Society Happy Hour and enjoyed a few glasses of wine with some old (and new) Melbourne friends before dashing off to the airport to head back to Sydney. On the flight home, my feet were tired but I was left with a profound sense that something wonderful had just happened. Good (perhaps even great) things can happen if you are just willing to face them head on, say yes with your fingers crossed and trust where it will take you.

Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0019.jpg
Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0034.jpg
Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0073.jpg
Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0037.jpg
Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0067.jpg
Kinfolk Honey Harvest_0047.jpg

A Look Back // Kinfolk At The Table

As the year came to a close I thought a lot about gatherings - a theme that seemed to be extremely prevalent this year for Blog Society. Our mission has always been to bring people together - to connect, to share and to learn from one another.  I suppose around the holidays this feeling of gathering, with friends and family, becomes that much stronger so I thought now would be the perfect time to reflect and highlight one our best events that took place last year: The Kinfolk Table.


I'd been lucky enough to host a few Kinfolk events throughout the year (that I'll share in upcoming posts) but when Kinfolk released their new cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, I knew we had to put something special together, a gathering that would celebrate food, family and tradition.


 I was lucky enough to team up with Kylie Lewis from Of Kin and host our event at the stunning Relish Mama Cooking School where the beautiful Nellie cooked up a feast to die for.  It was a great group of people, all who came to share their personal recipes passed down from generations and enjoy a gathering in true Kinfolk style.


The night was a cold, rainy Melbourne evening and I remember after it was all over, walking back to my hotel room tired yet bursting with a glow that can only come from a night spent laughing and learning from friends, new and old.


Images: Dan Roberts,Threadslike