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Behind The Blog Scene // Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY


I'm a big believe in the power of sharing advice and learning from others. In big, bad world of blogging the grass is always greener and it is SO easy to take a look at your fellow bloggers and attribute their success to a variety of things you don't have: time, money, skills, a full-time job, working from home, kids, no kids, a team of support, a studio, a stream of sponsors - the list goes on.

When it came to creating this 'Behind The Blog Scene' interview series last year it was to take all of the reasons above and pull back the curtain behind some of the world's most successful bloggers. What I've found time and time again is that these women (and men) have more in common with you than you think. Yes they may have started a bit earlier and therefore have a larger following but they work hard, encounter fear, doubt and messy offices - but power through with determination and love for blogging.

I had a pinch me moment when I was interviewing Kelly from Studio DIY for today's post because I've been a long time fan of her blog.  Her charming posts make for a colourful start to my day and I've long admired her creativity and business sense.  She is a clever, funny blogger who has encountered tremendous success and I hope her story below pushes you to keep going with your own blog, inject some fun back into what you are doing and enjoy the ride... 

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Fun, Colorful, Ready-to-party (That's one word, right!?)
What is your blogging manifesto?
Don't just celebrate the holidays, celebrate the every day!
Top 3 blogging essentials?
DSLR, iPhone (Hey, Instagram... I'm lookin' at you!), Natural Light (And confetti.)
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
I could share a single moment, but what I actually have found to be the most exciting, validating and humbling thing is seeing more and more people actually make my DIYs... and share them with me! Seeing people throw Studio DIY crafting parties or make one of my projects with their kids, it makes my day. My week! My life! No amount of money or big features can match that.
My dream collaboration would be?
I'm lucky to say that some of my dream collaborations have already come to life! HOLY MOLY! But I do dream of having a party collection some day and bringing the Studio DIY par-tay to the masses!
Right now I'm listening to...
The sounds of downtown LA! Oh yes, my new studio is in a factory building in the middle of a conversion to creative studios. Between the factories and the bustling city streets... it makes for pretty entertaining background noise!
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Be prepared to work your butt off. Don't undervalue yourself, not for a second! Even if you're as shy as I am (Yep!), get out there and meet other bloggers. The friends I've developed through this business are some of the best, and it's great to have a group you can turn to when working with a new brand, figuring out how much to charge, stuck on an idea or when you just need someone else to understand why oh WHY you are obsessing over the placement of those pesky sprinkles. Know your brand and live it. Give it roots, but allow it room to grow and change, too. And put your party pants on because you're in for a wild ride!
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Dancing! I love to dance. In the grocery store... embarrassing my fiancé.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
A tornado blew through a party store and dumped it on me. It's amazing what some cropping can do, sharing only the pretty stuff and not the pile of cake crumbs, paint covered tables (and dogs), and the dumpster you're actually shooting next to on the street. I started a hashtag called #cantcropthis to share some of what life looks like outside the frame. Blogging is a darn messy job behind the scenes, but the fact that the mess is generally sprinkled with confetti makes it just a bit more bearable!
In 2014 I'm most excited about...
Getting married!!!! I'll be marrying my main man of seven years (and my cherished photographer too!) in November and well it's gonna be a blast! A mariachi music and make-your-own tacos kind of blast. On the blog front, I'm excited to see Studio DIY continue to grow. I just hired my first employee and am getting settled in the studio, ready to take on this party world... one balloon at a time!


All images via Studio DIY