Event // Kinfolk Wabi-Sabi Dinner


During our humble beginnings, we launched our very first event hosting a Kinfolk gathering - it was a proud moment on so many levels but partnering with a publication and brand that was close to my heart and echoed so many values I hold close was a pivotal moment for me not only as a blogger but as a business owner.

Since that time we've gone on to host many more Kinfolk events and they often remain my favourite to work on as the partners, hosts and brands involved come together in a shared passion. We'll be back this October to co-host, alongside Eat Read Love, another Kinfolk event in Sydney based around wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of appreciation and acceptance of imperfection and impermanence. I am absolutely ready to embrace a bit of imperfection and can't wait to reveal more about this beautifully messy meal we have planned and that is going to take place at The Stables in Sydney. The event is sold out but if that should change I will certainly let you know as I understand many of you didn't get a chance to grab tickets - they were sold out in a matter of mere seconds. 


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A Look Back: Kinfolk Media & Blogger Afternoon Tea


When planning events there are a few essential ingredients to success and most often this formula involves a delicate balancing act of the right atmosphere, personalities, backdrop and of course who could forget the the food & wine?

Last year on a rainy, cool afternoon in Sydney's Northern beach, I teamed up with my gorgeous friend Natalie from Eat Read Love to host an intimate afternoon tea for Kinfolk Magazine. This was a small gathering of media and bloggers who came together in the beautiful home of Jessie James from Supply Paper Co and although I'm so, so late in posting these photos I can't help but use this as the perfect example of when something just comes together seamlessly.  Maybe it was the smoothing sound of rain or the pristine palatte of Jessie's home but whatever it was, the afternoon was magical. We laughed, sipped on coffee (and wine) and swapped stories from around the globe on community and friendship and welcomed Julie and Katie from Kinfolk with open arms.

A huge thank you to all of our guests and partners for being part of this day. A special thanks: Catering by Mario's kitchen. Venue at the home of Jessie James from Supply Paper Co. Photos by Tealilyphotography Flowers by Jardine Botanic Floral Styling, Wine by Gilbert by Simon Gilbert

kinfolk media day
kinfolk media day

Photos by Tealilyphotography 

A Look Back // Kinfolk Honey Harvest Melbourne

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Today we're looking back at an event that almost didn't happen. We all know those moments in life when things are crazy.  You barely have time to breathe let alone contemplate adding something new to the agenda but this is exactly what happened when I flew down to Melbourne to host this gorgeous Kinfolk Honey Workshop. 

I was about to leave to go overseas but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of urban beekeeping with Maya Sunny Honey and Melbourne City Rooftop Honey and I really had a pinch me moment when I stopped to look around and realised that simply by saying yes (when it really would have been much easier to say no) was the best decision I could have made.  

Not one to waste an opportunity, once the Kinfolk event was over I hung around and hosted a Blog Society Happy Hour and enjoyed a few glasses of wine with some old (and new) Melbourne friends before dashing off to the airport to head back to Sydney. On the flight home, my feet were tired but I was left with a profound sense that something wonderful had just happened. Good (perhaps even great) things can happen if you are just willing to face them head on, say yes with your fingers crossed and trust where it will take you.

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Kinfolk Freshen Up Workshop


It all begin with an idea. I had reached out to Kinfolk over a year ago with the idea to bringing their dinner concept to Sydney. Fast forward a few months and despite a change in concept, I had the proud moment of hosting my first Blog Society event with Kinfolk Magazine – a dream come true and certainly one to tick off the life list. It was a workshop long in the making but the end result was all worth it.The theme was ‘Freshen Up’ and we spent the afternoon making lavender hand scrub, peppermint home spray, lavender sachets as well as enjoying delicious food from Mario’s Kitchen and getting to meet some wonderful people. 

In order to make this event happen I was lucky enough to team up with some incredible people including my talented co-host and kindred spirit, Natalie Hayllar from Eat Read Loveand the lovely Madeline Johnson who styled the hell out of our venue!  I also want to thank the following partners for making the day such a dream:

CATERING: Marios Kitchen
STYLING: Madeline Johnson (THE LOVED ONES)

x Jaclyn