5 Ideas To Inspire You When You're Struggling To Create Blog Content

By Zoe Arpin

Struggling to create blog content? Here are five ideas to get you inspired....

1. Write a list
PEOPLE. LOVE. LISTS. (You clicked on this blog post, right?!) Humans have short attention spans. Many people leave web pages in less than a minute. Receiving information in concise, bite-sized chunks is ideal. If the list is related to your business in some way, that’s great, for example “Five reasons you should start a blog”, or “Ten ways to improve your Facebook business page” But it can also be a way of sharing information about you as a person, such as “Three Netflix shows I’m loving right now”; or “Five things I did that helped me quit smoking.”

Whatever the topic, blog posts involving lists are nearly always some of the most popular on any blog.

2. Interview someone
We humans don’t just love lists: we’re insatiably curious about each other! Doing a Q&A with someone you think your audience will find interesting is always a great way to get traffic to your website. For example, if your target audience is working mums, you could feature a mum who runs their own business and get them to share tips for juggling home and work. Or if you run a blog about reading, you could interview an author (which admittedly will be easier if the author is quite early on in their career - J.K Rowling’s probably a bit busy!) You could even turn these interviews into a series and turn it into a regular feature.

The win-win about doing something like this is that the person you’ve interviewed will often promote the blog post, too. That’s double the promotion for your website and opening your business up to a whole new audience.

3. Answer commonly asked questions
No matter what your business is, I will bet that you often find yourself being asked certain questions time and time again. “How do you find inspiration for your products?” “Where do you find interesting content for your blog? “How do you find the time to run your business and look after your family?” Take your regular answer to a question you are often asked and elaborate. “I find inspiration for my products by doing X, reading Y and listening to Z.” Go into more detail on each point and you’ve got yourself a blog post.

4. Educate
By sharing your knowledge, you are not only educating your audience about a certain topic; you are positioning yourself as an “expert” in this area, and people will return to your blog when they want to learn more. Dietitian? Write a blog post advising people on how to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Photographer? Write a post about how to best photograph a child in motion. Own a clothing line? Write a blog post about accessorising.

5. Write a “how to” post
This is a particularly popular type of educational blog post, and one which Google loves. Think about it: how many time have you typed “How to do XYZ” into the Google search bar find out how to do something? If your blog post title matches the question that someone else is looking for, your blog post is almost certainly going to be near the top of the search results, especially if it’s something specific. Illustrator and designer Sarah Renae Clark writes some really great “how to” blog posts related to illustration, such as “How to draw a rose.” Writing a “how to” blog post is just another way to position yourself as expert in a certain area in the eyes of potential and current customer.

Zoë Arpin of Teapot Communications specialises in helping small business navigate the world of marketing. She has a particular focus on copywriting, content creation and social media management. If marketing's not your cup of tea, Zoë would love to help you! You can reach her at her website, Facebook or Instagram

The Friday Files

Floating into this week after a blissful babymoon in Noosa and truth be told it's been a little difficult getting back to reality this week after such a lovely break.  

With the exception of a few Instagram posts I actually took my own advice and chilled out, put the laptop away and really disconnected. The end result was a relaxing, soul-filled, loved up weekend with my partner and a chance to sit back and really soak up some deep thoughts about where this business is headed and what's in store over the next few months after the little one arrives. It's exciting, slightly terrifying and thrilling to explore the unknown and allow it to unfold exactly as it should.

This refresh has left me in a great mindset heading into the weekend which is a good thing as next week is set to be BIG.  Our next round of Digital Bravery is set to launch Monday and I'm so excited but there is so much to be done before that so I'll be working through the weekend and putting all the final touches on what will probably be my only course launch this year.

AND I have some other news to share!

I have teamed up with this amazing lady to give our website a long overdue facelift - check it out here and let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check some of my fav link love from the week below...xx Jac

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Event // An Abundant Life Book Launch

So often we are stuck behind our screens creating digital magic that we neglect the true magic that comes from face to face connections. I got a great reminder of this recently when I headed out to the 'An Abundant Life' book tour hosted by Soul Sister Circle in Sydney.

It was a beautiful event, the kind that immediately calms away the stresses of the day and makes you focus inward, realising yet again how importance self-care - or soul care - really is. Ezzie Spencer's new book, An Abundant Life is all about embracing the lunar cycle, something that I admittedly knew little about but I left intrigued and absolutely spellbound at the undeniable lunar energy that not only radiated from the room but from Ezzie herself.

We've just welcomed a brand New Moon so it's time to give yourself permission to really dream and feel into your intention for this upcoming cycle. Commit to your intention by vocalising or writing it down, and make a firm commitment to sit with your intention throughout the entire lunar cycle. 

For a bit of guidance on what intention to set at the upcoming New Moon, listen to Ezzie's most recent Podcast or to track the moon through all of it's phases during the lunar cycle, download Ezzie's free 2017 Moon Phases Planner.


Photo credits: Sol + Co

The Friday Files

I'm welcoming Friday with open arms this week - anyone else feeling the same?

It's been a full week.

I'm trying to refrain from using the word 'busy' because it seems so overused these days and instead reframe the moments I pack into my days as full because that's really what they are. It's my choice to squeeze in as much as I can or do as little as I please so I'm focusing on taking ownership of these decisions and not blaming the art of being busy. And this week saw a combination of both.  Earlier in the week this mama to be slowed down in order to take care of myself and allow for much needed rest and then the next few days flowed in full marketing mode.

I've found that really tapping into my marketing roots is where I tend to flourish and find so much satisfaction. Funny how when you hit your sweet spot everything begins to fall in place right? Manifesting at it's finest. So often my focus is helping to guide my clients on their own personal marketing journey so it was really refreshing to turn that energy inward and start to work on refreshing this space here - a project long overdue and that I can't wait to reveal soon!

On the cards this weekend is a little glamping trip up the coast and hopefully some beach swims, bush walks, camp fires and fresh air. I can't wait - and it makes the long days this week all worth hit. I hope you've found your own groove this week and have carved out some all important down time for the days ahead.  Here's some link love to get you ready for weekend mode..enjoy! x Jac

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  • Can't wait to escape the hustle & bustle of the city this weekend - we're off glamping!
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The Friday Files

The rain continues here in Sydney this week which (gratefully) has meant moving at a slower pace and tackling some unexpected emotional uprising. I've continued to see a theme in the conversations I've been having both online and off - all surrounding the idea of shift, change and hovering 'in the between'. 

For me personally this transformation is coming in many forms, most notably this week in the form of working on our website refresh (a long over due change I can't wait to reveal to you guys) and in the shift of re-entering launch preparation as Digital Bravery prep is well and truly underway. Combine these big projects with some pretty intense work on manifesting and working on my abundance mindset and it's been a powerful (and exhausting) week. I'm looking forward to a little rest and rejuvenation this weekend, starting with a wedding set on a beautiful vineyard tomorrow and (fingers crossed) some beach weather on Sunday, I'm feeling the need for a big does of vitamin sea :)

So if you're also feeling a bit 'in between' at the moment I'd love to hear from you. Comment below or reach out personally to let me know what transitions are happening in your world. Otherwise I'm sending you good vibes to help you trust the process, embrace the change and lean into that beautiful unknown space - what awaits is exactly where you're meant to be.  

To keep you focused and make sure you're taking care of YOU this weekend, here's a little link love with a wellness twist, enjoy.

x Jac

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