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Avoiding Bloggers Brain & Getting Focused For 2015

I’m not sure about you but this time of year always feels a bit fuzzy, as if time speeds up and no matter how hard I try to get organised, my brain is just on a path of its own. To help cure these fuzzy moments I had Janet Gardner give us some tips to help keep those blogging brains on track!

By Janet Gardner

Sharp Brain: “Use it or lose it” Is this true? Is brain health important to our daily lives? Most people believe this to be another FAD of our times. Some people agrees that, because we can’t see or feel our brains it takes care of itself, do you agree with that? Advancing state of research on brain health are claiming they have unlocked the potential of certain nutrients that can positively impact cognitive brain health, why should we believe them?  

Some people believes that the brain is probably the most mysterious organ of the body, because it cannot be seen or touched by an individual.  Most people work out their bodies but neglect working out their brains. Is this because they cannot see or feel it?  Arguably, how does one work out the brain? On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your brain health? Would it be worth your while today to make a simple assessment that could improve your brain health? Do you believe that a healthy brain contributes to the overall health of your body?  Would you agree or disagree that a healthy brain enhances and lengthen one’s life span? 

 Here are nine very simple steps that will help in developing a healthier brain; 

  1. Don’t stuff yourself with bad food, make wise and healthy choices your overall health and brain depends on you for their nutrition, feed them well.
  2. Positives thoughts relieves and kills stress this is a sure way of keeping brain healthy.
  3. Enhancing neurogenesis is another sure way of sharpening the brain, this can be achieved by any kind of physical exercise. Go for a walk with your dog, do chair dancing whatever physical exercise you prefer!
  4. Do mental challenges, challenge your brain with new and natural exercises.
  5. Explore and travel, a change of culture and scenery helps the brain to stay healthy.
  6. Laughing, being very happy produces the good chemical in our bodies that feeds the brain. 
  7. Enjoy stimulating relationships and long lasting friendships.
  8. Doing five to ten minutes of meditation, deep breathing exercises helps to increase blood flow.
  9. Use natural nutritional supplements. Anti-oxidants, omega 3’s,  and Vitamins.

The point of this blog is to bring much needed awareness to the mysterious organ called the brain, the importance of its functions, how It deals with perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, visual and spatial processing.  We all need the use of our brain skills to carry out simple or complex tasks - like blogging!

We depend on cognition to make the correct decisions, solve problems, interact with other humans, learn language skills and pay attention. However, the trade off between complex and simple task gives ease and accuracy to none other than the power of our brains so let’s do all in our reach to take care of it.  For more information visit here.

Image: Atlantic Byron Bay