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I have been waiting to write this post for weeks, the words have literally been pouring out in preparation for this announcement. I am thrilled to be teaming up with Emma Kate Codrington to launch a new #bloglovefest initiative for the month of April: A Collective Celebration of Self-care.

Over the next 4 weeks we’re going to be releasing a series of self-care printables designed to help you keep calm, collected and focused on the all important and timely topic of self-care.  Before I tell you how you an get involved, l’d like to share where the idea for this month’s movement stemmed from…I have a feeling many of you will relate.

There was a moment earlier this year when, nearing 2am, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and barely recognised the reflection staring back at me. I had been working furiously for hours on a project that I was passionate about, had an early morning meeting that I needed to be prepped for, had just rewritten a 3 page to-do list and while normally these things help me feel organised and collected the feeling that overcame me that night was not just one of exhaustion, it was of complete energy void. My inspiration and energy tank was complete wiped out. There was nothing there. As I dragged myself to bed that night (and the next, and the next) that feeling of being replenished never seemed to come. It began to have an impact on my health, weight, relationship and overall feeling of well-being. I had put so much on my plate, wanted to achieve so much, had so many ideas and was perpetually in a state of dizzying busyness that I completely lost sense of myself. When it came to my blog and business future I felt flat, zapped and joyless.

So I decided to do something about it.

At the same time, Emma happened to reach out and together we felt that if we were feeling this theme of burnout then others would be too so we wanted to create a community focused initiative that would help individuals take care of themselves better, finally.

So this morning I’m excited to release our first printable post – Today I Choose Joy – a simple yet powerful intention and an incredible first step for self-care. Our emotions can run our day if we aren't careful, remembering always that we have the power to choose how we feel and how we spend our energy. We may not be able to control what happens around us but we certainly can control our reactions and today, rather than feeling (go ahead and insert your own emotional adjective!) go ahead and choose joy. I hope you’ll join me in sharing your own stories below and that you’ll come along for the self-care ride this April.

Get involved and share the poster or these special images via social media using our #bloglovefest hashtag. Simply right click images below to save or click on the link below to download your first printable in our April #bloglovefest series:

DOWNLOAD Today I Choose Joy Poster

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