Social Change, Social Media, So What?

By Audra Miller

Want to be a successful, conscious business owner? Look no further than your social media marketing strategy.

Last night I enjoyed my evening.  I stopped working early.  I don’t feel the obsessive need to work like I used to when I wasn’t exactly sure if I was “doing enough” in my business.  I didn’t make any sales yesterday, but my bottom line increased.  And I went to bed knowing exactly who my target audience is, where they are, how I’m reaching them every day, and why what I’m doing is perfect for me and my business right now.  This is me, a conscious business owner with a business plan, a social media strategy, priorities, free time, and peace of mind. 

Do you struggle with any of those things?  Let me ask you two things:  1) how conscious is your definition of success, and 2) How strong is your social media strategy? 

Conscious Business Is a New Way of Thinking about Success

Conscious business redefines success because when you build the foundations of your business around more than profit, you measure more than profit to determine your success. For example, many conscious businesses use a triple bottom line – people, profit and planet. Not only do we measure the overall profit of our businesses, but we also measure how we have impacted the people we desire to serve, and the planet as a whole.

The good news is, the actions we take to serve people and the planet are entirely within our control, making our business success at least two-thirds about what we do every day, no matter whether we make a sale or not.

This changes the way we look at business in several key ways.

First, business and personal life are no longer separate because we live our personal values no matter where we are, or what we do.

Second, we interact with people as human beings we want to connect with, not just purely through the lens of potential customer and potential profit. We seek to help them through an attitude of service, or through empowerment and support. As such, two-thirds of our business bottom line is measured by how much we give, rather than how much we receive. And we’re always in control of how lucrative we are in that area.  

Third, we avoid certain marketing strategies that don’t fit with our values. For example, we choose to cut out any fear-based sales tactics in person, or online because they are not in the best interest of our customers.  

Social Media Marketing Is Ideal for Conscious Businesses

Being a conscious business owner boils down to this: serve your ideal customer genuinely, and with integrity. The principles of effective social media marketing are exactly the same. Engaging with people, who may or may not become your customers, in an authentic voice in order to build trust and reputation is the organizing principle behind all social media marketing strategies.

This creates tremendous opportunity to let our unique gifts shine, and to practice serving more people than we would ever normally reach without the use of social media platforms.

The Opportunity to Practice

Ideally, we already know from our detailed business plan, which contains our fleshed out vision and mission statements, company values and customer avatars (right?!?) exactly who we serve, what their genuine need is and what we can provide with full integrity in order to meet that need. Now just use this information to reach out to those people on social media, offering them the information they need.   

Here is the minimum amount of information all conscious business owners should know about themselves, and their social media marketing strategy:

  • What are your business bottom lines? Besides profit, what are you in business for, and why?
  • Who can you serve (where do your values tell you that you belong)?
  • What other measures, besides income, are you going to use to determine if you are successful in any given time period?
  • Knowing all of the above, when you market, what are your key messages, who needs to hear them, and what responses (again, besides sales and profit) are you looking for to indicate that you are being successful?
  • Which form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) does your audience prefer, and what specific content do you need to create or curate in order to serve and engage them?

A good social media strategy will help you further clarity your goals and measures of success as a conscious business, and it will also do what it is designed to do for any business – trim the time it takes to create content, and engage your customers effectively.

Developing an authentic social media strategy not only helps you become more effective in your day-to-day marketing, but it can be a powerful tool to clarify and reinforce to yourself and your team why you are in business in the first place. Social media marketing is a natural way to put your foundational principles of service and engagement into practice. And, bonus: that’s how you make sales. 

Audra Miller is a social media strategist and owner of Heartcore Social, a social media management company focused on giving conscious business owners back their time, and peace of mind, when it comes to social media marketing. Besides having a passion to support conscious business, Audra enjoys playing poker, reading bizarro fiction, listening to heavy metal music, and having conversations with her Chihuahua, Bella. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.