Oh Happy Day & West Elm Blog Party

As 2013 comes to a close, I find myself getting a bit nostalgic. Do you? It's been a big one for Blog Society, filled with moments and events that I never thought would happen. It's incredible sometimes to look back and see how far you've come and to appreciate the ups, downs and memories along the way that made the adventure so unbelievable.


This blog will do just that. It will house the memories and put down on paper (so to speak) the Blog Society adventure as it unfolds. Whether you were there in person or just following along via social media, this little space will now contain some of the highlights, behind the scenes glimpses and captured moments from our events, gatherings or general blogging goodness, which if you look for it, can be found everywhere.


I thought I'd start by sharing one of my favourite moments of 2013 - our Oh Happy Day & West Elm event in Melbourne.  It was one of those pivotal, pinch me moments that you don't really appreciate until its over. I've long been a fan of Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day and Go Mighty so when they approached me to help with an event during her Australian visit I couldn't say no. 


The idea came about from these conversations and ended up (as you'll see here) being an incredible (and colourful) night that made all the hard work worth while.  I am grateful to a team of people behind the scenes that all came together to pull off this vision and as Jordan perfectly summed up, create "the funnest party ever."  I couldn't agree more, take a look!