The Marketing Mistake Every New Business Owner Makes


Somehow we all blinked and it's almost the end of October. How that actually happened is beyond me but either way the end of 2016 is looming. It's therefore time for the guilt, shame and panic to set in as we realise all those goals we never did get around to accomplishing (I'm looking at you - learning French, mastering photography or journaling daily).

It's the same for those lofty business goals we proudly boasted about. Yet here's the thing that I've found to be the #1 mistake that new business owners make, again and again. They get caught up in the excitement, in the adrenaline and they dive straight in. They're building websites, designing business cards, agonising over colour palettes, Instagram names and downloading every social media app under the sun.

On the surface this sounds great right? Except on major things is missing:

A plan.

We are so busy with tactics that when we launch our new business we skip the most important step of creating a solid marketing strategy that will drive and guide every decision we make moving forward.

Digital Bravery Ecourse

And that is why I'm so excited to relaunch my flagship ecourse, Digital Bravery this week to give new business owners a chance to get their marketing game back on track (and yes this can be done before the end of the year).

It's not too late to learn new skills, get armed with all my actual templates and spreadsheets, and start 2017 marketing your business in a way this is sustainable - and gets results. If you're guilty of not meeting your January resolutions and want to start next year with a fresh clean marketing slate then check out all the details here and know that we have a pretty sweet Early Bird rate running until this Sunday!

Because the end of the year simply signals a new beginning and how you start next year is completely up to you. My advice? Don't make the same marketing mistake twice.

Have questions? Join me for a LIVE workshop Sunday 23 October at 7:30pm AEST and I'll be answering your all your additional questions and getting to share a bit more about me and my journey! Sign up here.