Marketing for the New, Confused or Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

By Marrissa Stewart


So you’ve got your business. Your brand new, shiny, beautiful business.

You’ve got all your ideas ready to bring to fruition.

You’re excited. Passionate. Stoked, you even might say. You’re ready to get out there and mingle.

You rub your hands together, put your hands to the keyboard and begin your Google search: “How to Market my Business Online”.

1,000,000+ search results come up. “Well,” you think, “at least there are a lot of options and resources for me.”

You begin the trek through the results.

As you begin absorbing all the information, you start to realize your options are infinite:

  • Social media marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Experiential marketing
  • SEO, video marketing
  • Livestreaming
  • Webinars
  • Content marketing
  • Networking at events

…your head starts to spin as you see the options add up.

You think, “Well damn, where the hell do I start with my marketing?”

How do I know which strategy works best?

How do I know where to find my potential clients/customers?

The answers seem endless – and you immediately close out the browser to avoid the overwhelm.

Marketing is overwhelming when you first start, there’s no doubt about that. You’re not sure where to start, what strategy is best for you and what actually works.

So if this is your first time dipping into marketing yourself (or your biz, more specifically) or you’re experiencing the familiar “marketing overwhelm” scene above – I’ve made a little guide for you to breathe easy.

This of this as “A Marketing Guide for Beginners, Newbies & Overwhelmed”.

1.    Identify your ideal client. Now, I could probably write a whole book on this – and I’m sure whole books have been written on this – but simply put. Identify who your ideal client is. Who are they? How old are they? Where are they located? What does a typical day look like? What are they going through? What problems do they have that you’d like to solve?

2.    Find out where your audience is hanging out. One of the best ideas to knowing where to start is finding out where your ideal clients and customers are hanging out. You can research this! It’s easy. This will help set the scene for the next step you need to take to actually decide which marketing strategies you’re going to employ.

3.    What kind of marketing sounds fun to you? There are a PLETHORA of options for every personality type. If you’re someone who does well with meeting people or connecting with others, affiliate marketing, video marketing and networking events might be perfect options for you. With #2 in mind, think about what sounds really exciting for you, pick 2-3 and stick with those.

Do more research in those areas to see what sounds like something you would actually do. If you won’t actually do things you need to implement a particular marketing, don’t pick that strategy!

4.    Pick 1-2 strategies, ONLY. As a business owner, especially as a beginning one, there’s so much you already have to do: business management and administration, customer service, client care, accountant, graphic designer, copywriter …the list goes on and on. Picking 1-2 strategies secures your chances at success and the best quality going into these marketing efforts. Plus, it keeps the overwhelm down. :)

5.    Begin implementation of strategy 3 months prior to the launch. Most strategies take A LOT of time, tasks and energy to complete. Consider the copy, graphics, implementation, technology and software that you will need. Consider the customer support that you will need during launch. Strategies of the one-man or woman variety especially will need a lot of time to complete this – give yourself a buffer.

6.    Walk through your own marketing experience. If you want to know what people are thinking when they experience your marketing, walk through it yourself once you’ve completed all the pieces necessary to complete the strategy. This gives you an idea of the glitches and/or experience your customers go through, and you can make tweaks along the way.

And while this is by no means the end all be all of your marketing techniques, this IS a great starting point.

And to step even further into supporting you with the marketing overwhelm whether you’re old or new to this marketing thing – I’ve made you a little checklist to use to make sure you follow all the above steps.

You can print this checklist out as a step-by-step list for making sure you’ve lined up all your ducks in a row and dotted all your “I”s.

Easy peasy, you got this! 

Marrissa has had the gift of persuasive communication since birth which was honed to a skilled trade when she started her own Online Business Management company in 2013. Through her clients, she was able to help build multiple businesses and manage a plethora of launches. This experience has given Marrissa a unique and unparalleled working knowledge & obsession with marketing strategies that help business owners stand out & profit. When not helping build companies or writing sassy and refreshing copy, she’s a craft beer lover, devoted entrepreneur, gamer, and proud cat momma.

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