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Friday Files

I'm counting my blessings as I type this post poolside in Bali and sending you all the best for a blissful weekend ahead. This travel luck has only found its way to me thanks to a partner who happens to work in the travel industry but I've decided to dive head first into the reaping the benefits as I believe fully that travel can transform, change and alter your way of thinking, living and viewing others. I am the the first one to recognise my utter luck and gratitude with the number of times I've been able to visit this magical country this year and the magnitude of that gift is not lost on me.

All the late nights and blurry eyes from sitting behind the computer seem worth it as I sit here in silence, surrounded by peaceful, healing and magnetic energy. If only I could scoop you all up and bring you here with me - a Bali Blog Society has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

I've been writing course content for my Digital Bravery e-course each morning - just a little bit of work before happily closing the laptop. I wanted to send you some link love from Bali to encourage you escape - even if just for a few moment - this weekend, I know you've certainly earned it.

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