Link Love // The Friday Files

I’ve been thrown back into reality this week after the trip of a lifetime – one I’m still processing and desperately hanging onto that relaxed holiday mindset. I’ve hit the ground running, resuming a busy pace and lots of projects in the air but taking it at a slower pace than usual, my brain is still on Bali time.  I did however happily launch our city host program – something I am so excited to do and it felt great to finally take that leap. By letting go of that fear it has left so much room for growth and I’m excited about what’s to come (terrified, but excited at the same time). Being away has allowed me time to think and your feedback over the past few weeks has really made me stop and think about how I view this community. It’s a strange feeling navigating new waters and really trying to carve out your path don’t you think? Sometimes you feel like everything is crystal clear, other days you start all over again.  Well it’s back to tackling the inbox this weekend and prepping some amazing guest posts that will be coming your way while I’m in Boston but first tonight I’m off to One Fine Day to finally do some long overdue wedding planning. Some link love to share first…

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