Link Love // The Friday Files


Happy Friday everyone! I'm sitting by the pool as we speak, fresh juice in hand and contemplating never returning to reality.  I'm joking! Sort of. It's been a whirlwind two days but I find this country magical and count my blessings everyday to be able travel as much I've been able to recently, it's been a gift I don't take lightly.

I wanted to send you some link love from Bali as I escape for a few moments to pop in and say hello. I've been trying to disconnect and really be in the moment this trip and can say with certainty that we've had an incredible two days here and the fun is just beginning. I've already slipped into a blissful state of relaxation and have happily bid farewell to reality!  I want to send some of this Bali bliss your way so have rounded up some link love that hopefully will put you in the holiday mood this weekend and let the stress of your week float away. Happy reading...

  • It's Friday, you deserve a cocktail and this recipe will put you in the summer spirit.
  • When I think of kicking back and relaxing in Summer - this is what comes to mind.
  • I love this series called Besties.
  • Don't think Bali is for you? This post might change your mind.
  • Perfect holiday style - simple, chic and effortless.