Link Love // The Friday Files

The universe can be a funny place can’t it? I’m realizing this more than ever after putting a few wonderful things out into the world this week, only to have been met with such incredible responses and reactions. Wow. Ask and you shall receive, never underestimate the power of manifestation.

I’ve also been getting some pretty strong signs about new directions to explore and paths to follow…I’ve got a feeling the next few months will see some new adventures unfold and I couldn't be more excited. After last week’s family trip to Bryon I returned feeling refreshed, full of wanderlust and if I’m honest, a bit slack in tackling the to do list so this weekend I’m going to dive in and get a few of those big items off my list. But first, I’m going to enjoy a cosy night at home with my better half complete with homemade pizza,  a glass of wine and no computer in sight.

Here’s to asking for what you want (and need) – and kicking big goals this weekend.  Link love to keep you inspired below…

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