Link Love // The Friday Files


My body was giving me signs all week to slow down but in typical fashion I ignored them and kept surging forward. Am I the only that does this? Bad habit I know but if you have tips I'd love to hear them! I had a lot on my plate (like we all do) and am putting in some long hours because I've got some great things happening on the horizon that I'm impatient to get off the ground - know that feeling? I find it hard to slow down, stop thinking, stop working or stop planning. Until your body steps in and forces you to slow down and that is exactly what has happened as I end the week in bed with a full blown head cold. Luckily I didn't have to miss last night's first Mentor Power Hour which was an event that filled my heart with gratitude for our amazing community and filled my head with knowledge.

I can't wait start planning the next one and if you have ideas on what topics you'd be interested in I'm all ears. For now I'm hoping you all had an adventurous (and healthy) week - I'll be pumping vitamins and catching up on rest in anticipation of the next week's big week at work and then a few blissful days in Bali with my blogging crew. Bring it on. The blogosphere didn't disappoint this week and here are a few must read posts I'm passing on to get you through the weekend...

  • The recipe everyone is talking about and I can't wait to try
  • Loving this post that explores how YOU blog?
  • These photos make me miss living in California
  • One of the most colourful interviews we've done this year
  • It's time I (finally) start wedding planning - this might help.
  • Just because everyone loves a perfectly wrapped gift.

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