Link Love // The Friday Files


Don’t you just love the feeling that happens on a Friday afternoon? Like all the worries in the world just fade away and you are ready to welcome the weekend with open arms. That’s pretty much how I’m feeling now – tired but satisfied with a busy but pretty damn awesome week. Tomorrow I can’t wait to host our next Creative Headshot Workshop and then I’m looking forward to kicking back and taking it easy for the rest of the weekend. There is rain on the horizon and I may just use that as an excuse to stay in bed a bit longer and treat myself to some trash tv (don’t tell anyone) and some much needed relaxation – I’m storing up as much energy as I can for next week is going to be HUGE – big things are happening behind the scenes so stay tuned.  Here are some lovely Friday links to kick off your weekend…enjoy!

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  • I don’t bake but if I did I’d make these
  • My summer cocktail is sorted.
  • Hoping to stay here next time I’m in Palm Springs. Heaven
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