Link Love // The Friday Files

Friday Files

It's funny to think how themes can reveal themselves during the course of the week. I've been pushing forward at full steam ahead and know so many of you are doing the same. Perhaps its the pending holidays where we hope to be able to relax that makes us so motivated to power through, but I've been taken aback by the passionate opinions, support and generosity I've witnessed this week - both personally and from afar.

It's been refreshing and motivating to see and feel such a giving spirit permeate the air and I hope that magic finds its way to you soon if it hasn't already. As we round out the year I encourage you to keep pushing forward and chasing those dreams. It's been a wild, wonderful ride this year but there is still more to come. Let's do great things together. This weekend I'll be enjoying the Sydney sunshine if it sticks around and celebrating Halloween with friends - what's on your agenda? Have a great weekend and per my normal routine I'm sharing a few favourite links before signing off...