Kinfolk Butcher Block Dinner Party


Happy Monday everyone! For those following along to our November #bebrave challenge over on Instagram you'll know that we've been doing a lot of decluttering and focusing on productivity this month so that is exactly what I did this weekend. It's amazing what you can find when you start to clean up old files and folders on your desktop so even if you aren't taking part in the challenge I encourage you to do a bit of blog spring cleaning of your own - you'll feel SO much better, trust me.

What I did stumble upon was a long lost (and unpublished) blog post dating back to one of our first events, the Kinfolk Butcher Block dinner party held in Sydney and co-hosted by Lizzie Hewson, author of Moving Out, Eating In. It was a rainy, winter night where a group of strangers came together over incredible food, wine and a shared love of Kinfolk. It was a magical night that paved the way for many of our future events and it was a great trip down memory lane that I couldn't help but share with you today...


Images by Emma Scamell