It’s ok NOT to invite people on your journey

By Monica Miller

In a recent blog post, I wrote about what lessons I’ve learned from working part time as I manage my own business. Today, I am going to tell you yet another lesson I have learned while I am on this daunting journey of self-discovery and growth by working part time:

I have learned that it is ok to leave people behind as you’re on your journey.

It’s ok NOT to invite people on your journey with you.

A lot of people were not MEANT to be on your journey.

Don’t feel bad when you leave them behind.

You might be wondering what prompted me to think about such a thing. Let me tell you a little story about me and my journey thus far:

You see, for over a year, I was spoiled by not working a part time job and I was able to focus on my business. My husband and I were blessed that I could do this for a year before I had to break down and get a job.

During this time, I networked heavily. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and professionals ALL THE TIME. I loved it! These people had great vibes, good energy and completely understood me. Every time I went networking, I came home refreshed, revitalized, and energized!

When I began looking for a job, which by the way (and no judging here!) was in the restaurant business as a hostess. I chose this particular position because I knew it was an easy hire and I had been a hostess before when I was in college. I also chose a restaurant that is only open for breakfast and lunch; so no nights for me. Which is something I wanted because I still networked and had obligations at night that I couldn’t give up.

The first month was very rough for me and the reason why it was so difficult for me was because I realized that these people were NOT professionals! And that made me so mad! I would get so upset because these adults were not acting professionally, they were controlling, and most of all, they didn’t care (neither did management)!

Since I had been spoiled with professionalism and people who were constantly expanding themselves, I found myself realizing that most of these people were wanting to stay servers and not go out and further themselves. For me, that was a horrible experience! How could anyone not want to get out of this place and gain a better life?!

So what changed within me? Because you know my external surroundings were not going to change!

The biggest change was the realization that not everyone is invited to partake in my journey.

It’s not that I’m being mean or snobby, but I’m a high achiever who wants to screw any job and do what I want when I want; I want to be my own boss and I want WAY more than two weeks of vacation per year!

Once I came to the realization, my whole attitude changed. I still don’t like working part-time, but I know it’s a seasonal position and it’s what I need to build my empire for this time of my life.

Realizing that my journey and their journey is in two different lanes is completely OK with me now. I can’t invite everyone on my journey because not everyone has the same dream as me. Maybe their dream is to make ends meet by serving. That’s okay. My dream isn’t that and that’s ok too.

I am going to make this statement right now because I have found this true in my life: You may not be able to invite your family or close friends with you either. Your family may not understand the time and energy it takes to build an empire. Your best friend may be horrified that you work 60+ hours a week just to maintain afloat. It’s okay. Be okay with that.

I know it’s tough to not invite your family or even best friend on your journey, but it doesn’t mean they will always be like that. Perhaps one day they will understand and be part of your journey.

Next time you feel bogged down by people who don’t understand you, then remember that not everyone is invited on your journey and that is 100% ok and guilt free. Not everyone was cut out to be an entrepreneur (if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?).

So who do you invite on your journey?

You invite the people who have the same vision as you; you select the few individuals who are in your life who says, “I can see you doing that” or “You will make it! Keep going!” I would also encourage you to select the people who have the same mindset as you; if you’re an entrepreneur, then select entrepreneurs to be welcomed on your journey. These people will be your light in your darkness and your traction when you’re stuck in mud. That’s who you want on your journey. Invite other empire makers who want to see you succeed in building yours.

As we walk into a brand new year, who can you select today to be welcomed on your journey? How can you show them that you have officially invited them to board the Go-Getter Train? The Bigger-Than-Life-Dreams Train? It’s going to depart one day and they will either be on it or not; how can you let them know you want them on board, ready to rock and roll with you?

Monica Miller is a Book Writing Coach and Writer who helps women transform lives one word at a time through book writing and story sharing. She has been writing professionally for more than eight years and has one published book with two more in the making. Monica loves helping women find their confidence to adopt and write their books as they go through their writing journey. She believes that no writer should be left alone while on their journey so she comes along side them to get their book from their heads and onto paper quicker and easier! Monica enjoys spending time with her husband, Nathan, and their two dogs, Casey and Bella. She also loves hugging her cat, Sassy, and enjoys coloring, tanning beside a body of water and traveling.