How Working Parents Can Spend More Time With Their Kids

By Tameka Anderson

You know how it goes; between meetings, writing proposals, phone calls from clients, running errands, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, getting the kids to and from activities, the time you do have left, how much of it do you feel like spending with the kids?  If you are honest with yourself, sometimes there are days where you wish you could pay someone to be the parent even if just for a moment. 

So how do you not only squeeze in more time with the kids but ensure it is quality time?

If you are a busy parent, you know that time is limited. So making the most of every moment will ensure that you not only spend quality time with your children but also that you will have fun in the process. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are doing something as a chore or because you feel obligated.  So finding ways of maximizing the moments you spend with your little ones will ensure that the time spent will be productive as well as rewarding.  

Some ways you can make every moment count is by making sure you create a to-do list ahead of time.  When you create a to-do list, this allows you to creatively arrange time to spend with the kids while still getting so much accomplished. With your to-do list in hand, look it over and see how you can add the children in as many activities on the list as you can. I recently hosted a focus group because I am rolling out a new program so therefore it has taken a lot of my time and energy planning, implementing, shopping, researching, etc. on top of my already busy schedule so I had to figure out how to spend quality time with the kids.

Children love to help so what better way to spend quality time but to allow your little ones to help you get some things done? While I was preparing for my focus group, I spent some quality time with my oldest daughter by including her in the process. Whatever she could do I allowed her to do it all the while talking to her about not only the process but how she was feeling. Needless to say, we both enjoyed this time spent together and I got a lot more done with shared efforts.

Another way of spending more time with the kids is to get involved with what they are doing.  Find out what they like and do it with them. For example, my children like to watch the Nickelodeon channel so therefore I know that when I am done with all of my business dealings, I can snuggle up and watch some Nick with the kids and ask questions about why they like to watch those particular shows.

Tameka Anderson is an author, court-appointed special advocate for youth in foster care, and sits on Governor’s Board of Children & Family Services Task Force team. She is a parenting coach and self-confidence mentor for professional moms. She has coached moms for years to build confidence, boost performance and increase happiness in their children. You can find her at Parenting Confident Kids, and on Facebook.