How To Win Friends And Influence People Using Instagram


By Oly Shamrik

Your blog is blossoming into a beautiful website with original content and your personality shows through. You keep up with your own blogging rhythm and pay proper attention to promoting your blog on established social media channels. Your main goal is to build a strong flow of traffic to your blog and making your signature style recognizable among gazillion of other Instagram can be a great tool to help you reach your blogging goals. Consider your Instagram account as an online business card of your blog and learn how to benefit from the Instagram experience with these 10 important tips.

You put a lot of effort into sharpening your writing skills because you want your blog visitors to read your article from the first word to the last one, right? So when it comes to the visual language, there’s no big difference. Imagine the little squares of your Instagram feed as a whole picture, that is what usually a person who visits your Instagram profile for the first time can see and make this very short (but very important for you) decision if to scroll down. So you’d want this whole picture to state clearly who is behind the scenes and what your way of seeing the 

1. Let your style speak for you. Consistent visual style is the key to your instagram community success. Let’s say your blog is all about minimalistic black and white designs, in this case spontaneous pops of crazy colors in your Instagram feed could confuse your potential audience. Stick to the style of your blog and try to develop your main color scheme through all of your Instagram posts, give it some time and people will start recognizing your images without even looking at your profile name.

2. Don’t turn into human spam. Lattes, sunsets and selfies are very tempting, but try to limit them on your Instagram feed and show more of your work - crafts, personal projects, styling, whatever your blog is about. Think twice before uploading to your Instagram something you wouldn’t write about on your blog. 

3. It’s a SOCIAL network. So go for it, socialize. Bring up a discussion, reply on the comments, leave thoughtful comments on other’s images - the same way you treat comments and engagement with your readers on your own blog. Be nice and approachable, and you’ll see the results - both in number of virtual followers and in new real-life friends and connections (trust me on this, I met my husband on Instagram).

4. Timing is everything. Just the way you’ve learnt what is the best time for uploading a new post on your blog with the help of Google Analytics (or any other system you prefer), you should learn what is the “prime time” for your Instagram activity. Spend some time learning the behaviour of your followers on Iconosquare, you’ll know the geo-location of your audience, what is the best time for uploading new images based on your statistics and other important parameters that will help your grow your blog’s 

5. Crystal clear. You can not allow yourself to upload grainy, unfocused photography to your blog,right? So treat your Instagram feed the same way! Especially when the quality of your smartphone camera together with a good photo edit app is more than enough to create clear, sharp and eye-catching images. I personally love to use VSCO camera app, and find new built-in Instagram adjustments very useful for quick image fixes.

6. Make a system. Again, consistency is the power. Now, when you know your audience behaviour, develop a regime of systematically uploaded images 2-3 times a day. This will help you stay engaged with your followers 24/7. Prepare images in advance and benefit from the easy-to-go Instagram micro-blogging platform. When it takes you 2-3 hours to write a quality blog post, Instagram post will take no longer than 3 mins for you to upload. So use this gem of a social media tool to stay active and productive without day 

7. Personal approach. It doesn’t matter if you have a separate Instagram account for your blog only, or you keep the balance between professional and personal at one place (as I do), make your followers feel the existence of a real person (YOU!) behind the fine styled images of your Instagram feed. Sound like a person, show your pretty face from time to time, create a friendly community atmosphere, encourage your audience engagement by kind and heartfelt replies.

8. Keep your standards high. Don’t bother yourself with follow for follow, like for like and other sort of cheap tricks. Value real people, who socialize, bring meaning to the community and inspire you. Instagram can be your chance to build a long-lasting relationships and a wide followers base, so don’t screw it up for those fake followers who won’t stay for more than a couple of days with you.

9. Watch yourself with hashtags. The power of hashtags that suppose to bring you thousand of new followers overnight is definitely overrated, but using relevant hashtags can certainly bring you results. Research what are the most popular hashtags in your niche, bloggers communities and micro-networks of Instagram, that run by fashion brands, magazines or maybe your local enthusiasts. My personal advice is to limit the hashtags you use in your caption up to 3-4 the most relevant ones, nobody wants to see the long blue lines of tags appearing in their feed. You can always experiment with different hashtags in the comments section later without annoying your followers.

10.Learn to be a better Instagrammer. Keep yourself open-minded, listen to what your followers got to say and learn to benefit from their feedback. The right analyse of tapped hearts on your images can lead to limitless inspiration for the new ideas for both your blog and your Instagram grid.

Oly Shamrik is the creative behind TLV Birdie Blog and you can visit her at TLV Birdie Instagram 

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