How to sell your stuff without selling your soul

By Rachel Jessica Huxtable

Truthful selling. Do those two words even go together in the same sentence?

I know growing up, I used to think that marketing and sales were these horrible things that should never be uttered in the presence of a true creative or artiste. Because we are loyal to our work, right? We are the true cheerleaders of our creative work and we should never have to undermine the artist within and sell our soul? Abso-freakin-lutely!

So how exactly do you sell your stuff without selling your soul?

Here’s the thing, we happen to live in an amazing digital world right now. The accessibility to digital platforms and worldwide audiences is a whole new game for us creatives. It gives us the opportunity to reach niche markets that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. We are able to sell our own products without having to be a huge corporation.  And we can do it with integrity and honesty. In fact, it’s recommended.

Consumers have cottoned on - they’ve developed a highly sensitive B-S radar. People can see right through a flakey marketing tactic or flashy gimmick. People are more interested in purchasing something that number one; provides a solution to a problem they’re having, two; adds to their sense of identity and three; is backed by a purpose they believe in.

As the creator of your product or service, you need to be highly effective at communicating your story and the benefits and features of your stuff to meet your customer where they’re at. 

So here are some of my tips to help you do just that!

1. Get clear about your product or service.

It’s always so easy to get carried away with a creative idea (or six), but when you’re trying to exchange it for money, you always have to consider the other person in the transaction. Your customer! How is this product or service going to solve a problem for them? And why is this better than what’s already out in the marketplace? The difference here is flipping the focus onto your customer. It’s all about them, not about you. How can you serve them better?

2. Develop unwavering belief about your work.

So often as creatives, we get this ‘tortured artist’ thing going on. We wonder if we’re good enough, if anyone will like our stuff, if we will ever amount to anything (or perhaps we are destined to wander the earth forever as a struggling artist). Here’s the secret: there is no right or wrong or good or bad – because it’s all subjective!

You have to believe in what you do and why you’re doing it. You have to believe that what you’re offering up to the world is going to make a difference. You have to believe that your customer NEEDS it because it will make their life better.

WHY? Because if don’t truly believe it, then no one else will.

Would you rather buy something from someone who sort of thinks their product is just, you know…OK? Or would you rather buy the same thing from someone who is passionate, proud and crazy inspired by what they’re creating? That passion and inspiration comes from a deep belief that what you’re doing is making a difference and is worthy of being purchased!

3. Share your creative story.

People love to hear stories of how your business came to be. Why did you start it in the first place? And why do you think your product and services are so needed in the world? Often entrepreneurs face problems in their own lives that they can’t find a solution for. And so they go on to create new amazing things that solve it. Sharing your story helps you connect with your potential clients and customers on a human level. It offers them a window into who you really are and gives them another reason to love you and what you’re about!

Using these truthful tools to create, market and sell your products will help you connect with your potential customers, care deeply about making their lives better and offer them a buying experience filled with honesty and integrity - soul in tact.

Rachel Jessica Huxtable is an author, speaker and mentor on personal growth, spirituality and entrepreneurship. Through her blog posts, videos, books, mentoring and online programs she inspires women around the world to live with purpose and soul and make a difference in the world.

She has been featured in The New Daily, Peppermint Magazine, Tiny Buddha, Your Zen Life, Youthful Habits, Desire to Done, The Sparked Company, Beautiful Because, Bliss Habits, Holistic Entrepreneurs Association and Gabby Bernstein’s

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