How To Find Inspiration To Blog

By Sara Saqib

It would seem almost habitual to write up beautifully worded posts that draw the audience into the depths of the writers workspace. Especially when publishing three to four posts a week as if they were merely writing a thank you note to party attendees. Even super creative humans like these need to be inspired, constantly, in order to publish such art. Where do they get this inspiration from then?

Even when a brilliant post title has lit up like a light bulb in my head, it is still far from finished work. As I sit down to analyse how I chose to tackle this subject, I find myself constantly starting a new draft in order to get it just right.

This is when I stop thinking and start doing. I leave my desk in search for nature and the outdoors that has inspired so many others. I grab my sketchbook and my toddler and set off into the park, babbling non stop (Me, not my toddler) about everything around us. When the pen is in my hand, I don't write, I let it flow and everything comes together. The fresh air has released endorphins within me taking my mind to another level. I see more clearly and ink all the details into my trusted little book. When I don't have my book handy, my chunky camera phone works just fine, using only the memo and camera to capture my inspiration. I love the lens. It doesn't quite show what you see through your eyes and yet captures more than a thousand words. It makes the world stand still, forever a memory to keep. I have an endless roll of baby milestones piling up on my phone. I'm dreading the day my phone will finally inform me of my overloaded memory.

Sitting in the park now, I see the free spirit and innocence in the playing children. How wonderful must their thoughts be. Always questioning everything. When did we stop questioning the world and start shying away thinking the world will call us fools? It's amazing to put yourself in a toddlers shoes. It brings a whole new perspective to your blog. Maybe you can even think like a butterfly? Imagine the places that could take you.

Playing an instrument or painting can also open up realms of your mind that can inspire words. A simple hobby like baking or cooking can help relax your mind in order to get the creative juices flowing. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. That alone is enough to change a persons world around!

Inspiration doesn't come from hiding behind a desk but instead from the world around us. Being online all the time doesn't necessarily instill more knowledge into us to help tackle these issues. Instead we should focus on how to change our daily routine around to keep things fresh. It can be reading about everyday events to taking up a new hobby to striking up a conversation with a complete stranger. It's what takes us out of that bubble that gives us a spark and inspires us to become better than before. Whether that's better at blogging, better at parenting or even just a better human being.

So make a point of doing something new everyday or talking to someone new or reading a new piece of information. Changing your perspective could mean literally changing the height at which you sit to look at things from a different angle. Where will your inspiration take you today?

Sara's blog came about a few months after she had her baby girl, Jana. She had so much to ask, so much to say, she needed a diary to put everything into.  It gives her a chance to share her experiences with everyone and meet so many new people. The idea of her blog is to share her time with her little one, whether it’s traveling, food, milestones or the highs and the lows, in hopes that it might actually come in handy to a new mum. Sara wants to share in order to inspire, meet new mothers and to learn! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Photo Credit: Unsplash