5 Ways to Effectively Engage in Facebook Groups

By Miranda Nahmias

If you’re a blogger or online service provider trying to grow your brand and make an impact in your niche, learning how to effectively engage in Facebook groups is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Some people think that marketing yourself in Facebook groups is sleazy or sneaky, but when done correctly, by building authentic relationships and connecting in real ways with other members, that is totally not the case!

Today I want to talk about four ways that you can effectively engage in Facebook groups, in order to book out your services, sell a product, or increase traffic and email subscribers!

4 Ways to Effectively Engage in Facebook Groups:

#1: Craft the Perfect Introduction
One thing that I notice is super under-utilised by people trying to engage in Facebook groups is posting a super kick-butt introductory post. Once you’ve been added to a new Facebook group, it’s time to let yourself shine and get to know the other members! What better way to do this than introduce yourself?

In order to make the most of your introduction, work in these key aspects:

  • Your name + name of your business
  • What you do
  • Who you help
  • A photo of yourself

Along with those basics, try to spice up your introduction post a bit with some personality quirks. Mention your adorable 1-year-old, your supportive husband, or your can’t-stop-won’t-stop addiction to caffeine. What makes you YOU? Talk about it!

Adding in a few relatable tidbits about yourself makes your introduction call out like a beacon to your ideal customers. They’ll be intrigued by how you’ve talked about yourself and want to introduce themselves right back in the comment section!

If you really want to blow away potential clients with an amazing introduction, check out this resource: The Facebook Group Introductory Post Blueprint.

#2: Participate in Promo ThreadsIn most Facebook groups, especially those geared towards bloggers and business owners, there are “promo threads” that correspond with a certain day of the week. Those threads allow you to post a link that directs people back to your business in some way.

The most popular type of promo thread is for recent blog posts, and these are a great opportunity for you to engage in Facebook groups and grow your business!

If used correctly and consistently Facebook traffic from those promo links can be a huge source of traffic! For me personally, Facebook groups are my second-highest referrer of traffic to my website (right behind Pinterest).

One key tip for promo threads is that you really want to make your addition to the thread clickable. These threads can sometimes have hundreds of other comments, so you want to make sure that your link stands out from the crowd.

I use the Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress so that I can choose which image shows up when I pop my blog post link in the comment section. Try to use an image that’s eye-catching and includes your brand colors!

Another way to make your link to stand out is to actually write a description for your link. A lot of people will include just the link in their comment, but if you take the time to write a few sentences about the post and what it includes, people will be more likely to click!

Along those lines, also make sure that your headline is really well written. I like to use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to make sure that the combination of words I’m using is going to really make people want to click over to my blog!

#3: Don’t Post the Same Thing to Multiple Groups
This is one of my biggest pet peeves as a Facebook group addict, and something that I unfortunately see a lot.

Creating a new thread/post in a Facebook group can be one of the best ways to engage in Facebook group and strongly attract potential new clients to you. But the trick is that you have to do it the right way, or else you’re just going to annoy people!

If you’re in a bunch of Facebook groups in one niche, there’s a high probability that other people in those groups are going to belong to other groups in that niche as well. So if you’re trying to attract one type of client, posting the same content in multiple different groups in that same niche is most likely going to mean that some people are seeing the post more than once.

This just isn’t smart! If you do have a really good story or question that you want to share in multiple groups, there is a much better solution for how to do this. What you want to do is change up the wording/image(s) from one post to another, and also try to space out your timing of the post. This will have a big impact in reducing the likelihood that multiple people are seeing your post.

You could also be completely transparent and mention in your post that you are cross-posting from another group! Being honest like that is a great way to gain the respect of those potential clients you’re trying to win over.

#4: Answer People’s Questions
Besides posting brand-new content in a Facebook group, answering people’s questions is the next-best way to wow your potential clients and stand out from the crowd. Going out of your way to answer a question someone has is an awesome way to engage in Facebook groups and get your name and expertise out there!

One good way to go about finding questions to answer is to head over to the search bar that is on the front page of all Facebook groups. Type in a keyword that relates to the services you provide, and ta-da! You’ll find a bunch of recent relevant posts that you can comment on and throw your two cents in.

Look for those keywords in multiple groups, and you’re sure to find a whole bunch of eager question-posters looking for help! Going above and beyond by helping them out is the perfect way to show that you are available and willing to help and that you’re good at what you do. It’s not uncommon that answering someone’s question so well might actually get you hired by them! (Or a onlooker who is impressed by your skills.)

If you’re really looking to blow the competition out of the water, try using a free tool like Jing to create a quick screen share of you solving their problem. Upload the link into your Facebook comment and watch your potential clients become awestruck with your genius!

Once you’ve started to engage in Facebook groups by following these steps, get ready to see potential clients and traffic funneling over to your website on autopilot!

When utilized correctly (in a not-sleazy way!), Facebook groups can be the BEST way for you to grow your business as an online service provider or blogger. Experiment with different types of posts, comments, and behavior in order to truly maximize your efforts!

Miranda Nahmias is an experienced virtual assistant who runs an elite team of U.S.-based VAs in a variety of different specialities. Miranda is passionate about helping female online entrepreneurs like you get relief from administrative, social media, and blogging-related tasks. Connect with her via her free email ecourse, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.