How Health & Wellness Has Impacted My Entrepreneurial Journey

By Brit Carmichael

When you start down the path as an entrepreneur, you are sending a loud and clear signal to the universe that says, “Hey, I have a desire inside of me that is burning and I MUST take control and create [insert your desire here] for the world!”

What you might not realize is that YOU are choosing to tap into the personal power that each and every one of us has within. When that fire is activated, you feel like you’re jumping on a rocket ship to the moon with no seat belt! Seriously, the deep burning desire within can be unstoppable without taking a step back to reign it all in.

The entrepreneur mind says: GO! GO! GO! and that’s GREAT when you’re starting a self-made business and your creative juices are flowing and you can’t help but want to keep creating MORE & MORE content/services for your tribe. It can be a never-ending creative spiral. That’s how I KNOW health + wellness play a MAJOR role in being a successful entrepreneur.

Just as we are taking control of our business life, schedule, income, and creative outlet into the world - we MUST take control of our physical + mental well-being. Not only should we take control of our health, but we MUST make it a priority.

“The first wealth is health.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I started my journey to becoming a successful hairstylist (my first shot at entrepreneurship) I stepped on the scale at 200lbs and I was NOT happy about it. I mean, I’m in the beauty biz for crying out loud. Our look = our credibility. Right?

I walked out of beauty school knowing it was NOT in the cards for me to work under anyone else, so I stepped straight into renting my own salon suite. By taking serious action + a huge leap of faith I began my entrepreneurial journey. As I began to realize the personal power I was cultivating in myself by following my heart, I started to notice that all the other “challenges or problems” I had were up to me to solve. Responsibility.

It takes that SAME kind of confidence + courage you have taken to run your own business and create your dream life to master ANYTHING else in life.

“You can’t master your situations, but you can master yourself.” - Brittney Carmichael

I knew if I had the guts to say NO to “the man” and work for myself, I must be able to take charge in other areas of my life. Right? Totally.

Thus began my inward journey of creating healthy habits in my lifestyle. I started with reevaluating where my time went during the 24 hours we are ALL given. I mean in the beginning, it was EAT - SLEEP & BREATHE how to build a successful biz! (You know what I’m talking about!!) Never was there a thought of “Oh hey, how do I feel today?” Check in with yourself. Start each day off with a little YOU time and start creating healthy habits that lead you to a life you love. Balance is the key to all things in life and balance is created by repetition.

It didn’t happen overnight, but by taking small steps each day + clarity of what actions were serving my highest good, I was able to shed 70lbs!! Knowing that you can take control of your internal states, habits, and actions is powerful (think Dorothy + sparkly red shoes!) You have the power to choose anything you want for yourself. It’s a matter of DECIDING what’s most important for you and your success.

Here is a simple 4 step take care of YOU formula to kickstart your day off with good vibes + success that I’ve adopted from Noah Kagan.

G - Gratitude
E - Exercise
B - Breakfast
Y - You

1. Start each morning with a grateful heart. List 10+ things that you feel most grateful for each day followed by any other journaling you might want to get out of your mind and onto paper.

2. Move your body!! Get your energy flowing. Bless the beautiful vehicle you were given by showing it a little love. Do some yoga, go for a walk outside, run, lift weights, play with your dog, stretch, or do cartwheels like a crazy kid. (Trust me on the last one!)

3. Eat Clean. I cringe when I hear fast-paced ‘preneurs say they don’t eat breakfast. Your body needs fuel. Preferably whole, healthy,  plant-based fuel to really give your body the boost of energy it needs to accomplish everything you’re dreaming of. Try a green juice. A piece of fruit + nuts. Drink a protein shake or have a smoothie. For a fuller meal try a little quinoa oatmeal.

4. You time. You DESERVE it. Remember, the more you have - the more you have to give. My me time includes various activities (depending on what my soul needs that day - remember to CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF) Try 15 minutes of meditation. Go outside. Call a friend to catch up. Go shopping. :) Whatever it is YOU need most to bring bliss into your life. Do that.

I know you already have the passion + drive that it takes to create amazing things. You wouldn’t jump off the entrepreneur deep end (head first) if you didn’t have what it takes! Just as you use clarity + choice in creating your dream biz life, you can apply these same principles in your daily life so you can thrive inside & out!

I’m Brit and I’m a trailblazing lightworker with a mission to inspire + empower badass females to live a life you love + shine from the inside. I’m like the truth-telling bestie you’ve always wanted.

I embody a unique method of combining intuitive awareness & compassionate honesty with spiritual truths + techniques to help you break free of fear + discover your deepest desires. I’m on a mission to give females permission to give themselves permission to live their BEST LIFE! Stop waiting - it’s yours to create! Let's connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! xo

Photo credit: Pink Fly Photography