Happy New Year


Well happy 2015 folks!

I'm slowly beginning to emerge from the holiday fog and for the first time in ages actually took a little blogging break over the holiday and let this space breath for two weeks while I swam, ate, swam some more and generally soaked up the Australian summer - something we haven't done for years and I have to say it was quite blissful.

There were busy days of putting the finishing touches on course content, road trips down the coast, camping trips, countless barbecues, plenty of naps, champagne and dips in the sea. Being in this part of the world is pretty tops but I did miss that snowy, Christmas feel! I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions and tend to let the fresh clean slate of the new year soak in during the month of January. I'm finding that carving my own path this year and following my gut is going to be top of mind and with that said, I'm going to ease into 2015, taking is slow, finding my own rhythm back into the blogging world and working to make sure this space remains challenging, community-focused and filled to the brim with inspiration. May 2015 have great things in store for all of us.  x Jaclyn