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I’m not sure about anyone else but I’m actually enjoying the cooler weather in Sydney this week. As our friends around the world get ready to welcome Spring, we here in the southern hemisphere are gearing up for cooler days and I have to say that all signs are telling me to slow down and ease back for now. It’s the chilly nights, cosy nights in, warm fires and a chance to slow down that really get me excited about autumn.

Slowing down is a feeling that I’m not accustomed to but I’m working on something special kicking off in April that will help us all breathe a bit deeper and focus on taking care of ourselves first – and I can’t wait to tell you more next week! In other news I’ve been chatting to my fellow biz ladies around the world doing amazing things and bursting with pride as I see their creative ideas take flight. I encourage you all to take a moment to congratulate those around you doing great things – we submerse ourselves in a culture of envy and comparison at times however more good comes from celebrating these wins and lifting each other up, rather than pulling them down. We’re all in this together so I leave you with a message of support and celebration this weekend – enjoy (and here’s some link love to kick things off!)….

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