Free DIY Printable Poster // Slow Down

Truth be told, I have trouble slowing down.

As much as I try to sit still, meditate, be present, watch the world go by and every other thing I know I should be doing, my busy brain betrays me. Fast is in my nature. I’m a fast talker, fast walker. My brain is always thinking, creating and brainstorming ideas. I like writing endless lists and dreaming up new projects. I like to be on the go, seeing, exploring, doing. But I’ve realised lately that this is a pattern I’ve created, a habit I feed on a daily basis and a disservice to the hard work that I’ve done.

There is time to be quick and productive but only if there are times to be slow and contemplate to balance it all out. So this week I am focusing on balance, I’m stepping into the slow lane and taking things down a notch. I’ve noticed that by removing the digital distractions and moving my body, only then does my mind begin to be still. I’m exploring new techniques to master the art of slowing down and while the struggle may always be there, I am well aware of this necessity to slow down. Not only for my sake but for those around me. How often do we overlook our loved ones around us that support, guide and listen to our questions, concerns, business problems and occasion breakdowns?

Sleep, rest, replenish. Move  your body, nourish.  Let go – of your disappointments, fear, self-doubt and the opinions or judgement of others. I love this article by friend, Jess Lively who honestly talks about this very subject, reminding me yet again that as bloggers we need to come together to support one another in the quest to slow down. 

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