Free DIY Printable Poster // Keep Going, You've Got This

Emma Kate and I are ending this month's #bloglovefest movement with one final, moving message:

Keep going, you've got this.

I recently participated in an event at General Assembly where my friend and fellow blogger Christina Butcher, mentioned a phrase that sums up perfectly our journey as bloggers and business owners.  When asked about success she reminded the audience that this adventure is ‘a marathon not a sprint’ and I couldn't help but think the same goes for self-care.

It’s simply not enough to go for a walk, get a massage or take a yoga class and be done with iet. This ritual of self-care, this awareness about our health, needs to be a continued and ongoing conversation. It should become part of our daily routine rather than the rare exception to the rule. I feel confident moving forward that I’ve got this – will I always find the perfect balance? Of course not, but I’ve felt the repercussions of not taking care of myself and don’t want to go back in that direction. For me personally I know the areas that need help – from delegating tasks and asking for business help when needed, to allowing myself that time to go for a run and allow that stress to wash away. These habits I need to make a priority, to remind myself each day I’ve got this (both business wise and health wise).  In the beginning it may not be easy, it’s time to have  a tough love conversation with yourself about the excuses you’ve told or the stories you use to fall back on time and time again (I’m too busy, tired, etc) but in the end listen, always, to that voice whispering in the back of your head saying, keeping going, you've got this

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