3 Simple Ways To Finding & Fueling Inner Creativity

Hunting Louise

By Hunting Louise

We are both passionate about creativity. Sounds like a weird thing to say huh? But getting in touch with your creative side is something we firmly believe in. Creativity is good for the soul ­-  we were born to be creative and adventurous. To try new things and explore. And before I hear you say “Oh, maybe you’re creative but I’ve never been” ­ it ain’t true! Give a kid a couple of random objects and they’ll create their own game ­ they’ll enjoy being imaginative and the best thing is, they’ll believe it’s the best game they’ve ever played. We were all born as creative beings but for some of us, something along the way may have hindered our ability or desire to express it. The aim is getting that child­like creative spirit back. I think many of you can agree that back in school, anyone who wasn’t considered gifted at art or design was immediately pointed in the direction of focusing on more ‘academic’ subjects. But being creative is so much more than just being able to paint a pretty picture (for the record, I’m a graphic designer but can’t draw a decent picture to save my life!). Creativity can come in all shapes and sizes – from cooking to music to problem solving in a corporate workplace. Everyone is a gifted, creative person they just need to find that outlet that brings it to the forefront.

Finding this outlet is a journey that most people have to take themselves on, but we feel that there are a few ways to inspire yourself ­ whether you’re someone who wouldn’t call themselves creative or someone who’s always been in the creative industry and just needs to find that spark again.

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1. Don’t be afraid to try new things

So you haven’t found that hobby or passion that brings the satisfaction that only comes from creating? Step outside of what you’d normally do and try something new. Go out and explore everything that you thought you might enjoy, whether or not you think you’d be ‘good’ at it. Chances are, you’ll find that what you enjoy brings more satisfaction and in turn, you’ll improve your skills. Scott has always found satisfaction in manual work and making things with his hands. This interest is what brought him to start creating our concrete homewares and more recently, has brought on a desire for him to start exploring carpentry and woodworking as a hobby. Although he has no formal experience, his enjoyment of handiwork has encouraged him to try something new. We don’t know if he’ll be any good at it, but hey, there’s no harm in trying.

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2. Get inspired by others

This is one thing that we find extremely helpful and forms a huge part of our blog –finding (and, in our case, sharing through our Creative Encounter posts) work that is inspiring is a fantastic way to get motivated, inspired and to also give you fresh ideas. Who doesn’t feel instantly creative after a good Pinterest session?! Finding different sources of inspiration (whether that be online or offline) is a great way to explore new techniques and ways of doing things, and give you that extra push needed to start that new project. What’s even better is surrounding yourself with people that inspire and challenge you. Nothing is more refreshing than collaboration and bouncing ideas off someone else.

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3. Create a space that is inspiring, positive and conducive to your work I personally find it extremely difficult to concentrate in an environment that is messy, cluttered and dull. I benefit hugely from working in an organised, wide open space, full of inspiration ­ whether that be images, music or greenery. This lends itself greatly to me working outdoors, particularly on my balcony. All I need is my laptop and a sketchbook and I’m ready to go. I find working in these spaces relaxing and gives me the best opportunity to think clearly and get the creative thoughts flowing. This translates to any working environment – what’s important is finding the space that best suits you individually and your work. Everyone will find that different factors will influence their creativity and productivity in a different way so discover what that is for you and run with it!

While these are just 3 things of many, they are points that helped us find our creative spark and also nurture it. There are so many other things that you can do but the most important thing is finding out what works best for you. We strongly believe that everyone is a creative at heart, they just need to find that catalyst to get them started.

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Images by Erika Rax and editted by Hunting Louise