Fashion is a business

It's no secret that we love fearless women in this community. Women not afraid to try new things, break down barriers, embrace their failures and of course celebrate their successes.

Today is just that - a chance to meet a women paving her own path and shaking up the fashion world on her own terms. We sat down with Alicia Sanchez for a quick chat about how she found her way...

What was your professional journey before Fashion is A Business? 

I have been always a Fashion Designer but I worked in Corporate America in Marketing and Project Management as senior leadership for years before making the leap.

Tell us about what you do and who your target market is? 

At FDBA we help Fashion Designers and Fashion Professionals build a brand and not just another clothing line. I am a Fashion Branding Coach. I help cultivate the businesses mentality while helping with sourcing, manufacturers, buyers and ultimately building a business that reaps profits through residual income and wider retail markets.

What gave you the confidence to dive in and get it going?

I was a Designer in the same shoes as most designers. I designed and couldn't sell consistently, I had one income stream and it didn't click for me to use the methods on my business but once I connected the dots I knew I had to help others.

What has been some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced as a woman in business? 

I don't see challenges as a woman, honestly I think there are challenges in any industry with experience or respect but as a woman it doesn't define anything differently that could set me back. I don't say 'I am woman and this is why I had this challenge' I say 'I am an entrepreneur'. 

Best lesson you've learned? 

Know when to say NO and move on to Plan B.

What advice would you give to others afraid to start? 

I would say invest in having someone help and guide you because as creatives we think big and beautiful but we lack business and even when we have business experience we tend to not be able to execute for ourselves because it's hard to juggle. Make coaching a part of your startup so you work smart not hard because fashion is a business bottom line. If you're designing and not thinking about building a cash flow for big goals then it’s just a hobby. Ask yourself: at the rate I am going can I retire early?

Who inspires you? Top mentor?

Wow, I have so many but in the industry I love Kimora Lee Simmons and would LOVE to work with er. I think she's brilliant and savvy, and I admire many professionals who make passion a priority. I have had many mentors and many have helped me seek my way but Kellie Kuecha and Walter Foster have really been a huge influence towards my success.

Alicia Sanchez is all fashion. She is the designer of Favala Designs, Owner of La Sewing Cafe and Fashion Branding Coach at the Fashion Designer Business Academy. Favala Designs has been featured in various international fashion weeks and trained with elite professionals that worked with brands such as Oscar De La Renta , Carolina Herrera and leading fashion forecasted companies in NYC in addition to consulting fashion trends . She is also the Author of: “Climbing The Fence: A Journey of Traveling Words”