Networking: Why It's So Important To Get Out From Behind The Screen


I love to network. Not in the old school, carry my business card around at random functions type of networking, but I love a good opportunity to meet new, interesting people. The topic of community building is one I'm passionate about, it's a subject I speak on regularly and is often front of mind when I ask people what they wish they knew more about in terms of their business or blog. The answer to how, when, why to build community is too vast to explore here today but I will let you in on one little secret - one of the best ways to build your tribe is to actually get out there. Talk to them, laugh with them - in this case have a glass of champagne with them - but just get out from behind the computer and meet people. It's these offline connections that can transform your path and some of my strongest friendships and business opportunities have come from the brave move of saying hello to a stranger at an event.

So when the Champagne Bureau of Australia invited me to the 2014 Vin de Champagne Awards I of course (in the name of community building) said yes. Who could resist? It all seriousness it was an incredible night at Hotel Centennial with just about the most jaw dropping food & beverage selection of any event I've been to - seriously impressed, every detail was looked after. I met up with a few blogging pals and had an absolutely beautiful night - an experience you can't replicate behind the screen. So next time you're presented with an opportunity to put yourself out there, do it. Grab that glass of champagne (or two) and network your heart out - your tribe is waiting.

Images: Rachel Kara