Cristina and Sara of One Woman Shop // Behind The Blog Scene

So excited to be bringing you a big old dose of girl power today as I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome the One Woman Shop to the blog today!  For those that aren’t familiar with this talented duo, the One Woman Shop is a resource hub and community for female solopreneurs and freelancers. Consider these girls to be your safety net in business and remember- going it alone doesn't have to be lonely. As I’ve said here many times, I’m a huge advocate for collaboration and since I share so many values and beliefs with these girls I just had to reach out and tell them I love what they are doing and believe that the more we band together and promote and encourage one another, the better off we’ll all be. The girls couldn’t agree more and graciously gave us an insight into running their biz and some behind the biz tips on their own personal goals and dreams…

Describe your blog/biz in 3 words...
Solopreneur safety net
What is your blogging or biz manifesto?
We believe that business, like life, isn’t one-size-fits-all and that going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely.
Top 3 blogging/biz essentials?
Cristina: #1: Evernote -- for keeping track of my billion ideas, #2: Boomerang -- for automating my email follow up process and #3: Google everything -- because Google owns me.
Sara: #1: Google Apps -- both for my solo biz and for One Woman Shop, I couldn’t live without Google Drive. Seamless sharing + version control -- what’s not to love? #2: Freshbooks. I’m slightly (okay, majorly) Type-A, and Freshbooks saves me boat loads of time in keeping my accounting spiffy and up to my OCD standards. #3: Spotify. Music inspires me whether I’m writing, strategizing, working out, or even napping. Spotify feeds my insatiable appetite for background noise (and dance breaks).
Our biggest blogging moment/milestone was...
We’ve got a few!
Officially forming an LLC was a huge milestone for moving forward as equal partners in this endeavor. (We were already equivalent in passion; this just sealed the deal!)
Curating and publishing our recent 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs --  it was an awesome way to engage with other sites that are targeted at solopreneurs, as well as provide a one-stop list for our community to reference for their business needs.

Revamping our membership options after learning how we could better serve One Woman Shops (while satisfying our love of caffeine!).
Best piece of advice I've been given?
Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
I'm dreaming about traveling to...
Cristina: Semuc Champey here in Guatemala + Barcelona
Sara: The short list: Iceland, San Diego, Thailand.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Cristina: Cultivate resourcefulness -- the answers to your questions are out there!
Sara: Don’t try to take on the world at the beginning: be realistic with your posting frequency (how often you’re committing to publish), knowing you can always increase it as time goes on.
If I wasn't blogging, I'd be…
Cristina: Coaching solo business owners who are looking to realistically blend their talents + passions
Sara: Reading on a beach, in the sun. (Oh, you mean for work? I’d be a full-time literacy tutor in underprivileged neighborhoods.)
Behind the scenes of our biz looks like…
A lot of jam sessions (with occasional Zumba breaks), tons of coffee, sometimes falling into the comparison trap (and pulling each other out of it), and (attempting to) balance our extreme passion for the business with practicality!
This year I'm most excited about…
Cristina: setting off on a location-independent adventure, which has included setting up a life in Antigua, Guatemala; bettering my salsa dancing and my Spanish, and expanding One Woman Shop -- both our membership and our larger community.

Sara: I kicked off 2015 with 35 days in New Zealand and Australia, taking my biz (and husband) on the road. Seeing that that’s possible, and planning more. Also: simultaneously growing my copywriting business and the amazing community of female solo business owners at One Woman Shop, who inspire me endlessly.