In The Press // Why Did You Start Blogging?


I thought a lot this weekend about blogging. I've had this obsession with listening to podcasts while talking long walks and I listened to one particular series that had me revisiting my own reason for blogging. Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about why you started? The moment, the sense of determination that motivated you to sit down and write that first post? I still remember the exact place I was sitting when my first post went live. It was a thrilling, nerve-wracking and surreal experience and although no one in the world was reading it, I knew that I had just started something special.

That first post is a powerful moment in any blogger's journey and when the team at In A Designer Home asked me to be a part of their latest issue and share my blogging experience I loved every moment of taking a look back and sharing my own story.  Here's the most recent issue - but most importantly I'd love to hear your own story below. Share with us how it felt the first time you hit publish...

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In The Press // Adore Home Magazine


I want to say a big THANK YOU to Adore Home Magazine for featuring me in their latest issue - The Budget Edition - packed with thrifty decorating ideas and gorgeous homes decorated on a modest budget. I'm all about decorating on a budget and LOVE nothing more than a good flea market find or garage sale gem. For me it's all about the hunt and believe a high price tag doesn't always mean great style, sometimes older worn pieces have the best stories to tell.


It was so fun coming up with my mix of blogging essentials and hope many of you can relate to my picks. I personally love to blog and write to my heart's content while fully caffeinated and listening to some chilled out tunes. And notebooks? It's fact you can never have enough right? Well another huge thank you to Loni and her team for putting together another cracker of an issue and for keeping us inspired with beautiful eye candy.

I'd love to know What blogging essentials are on your list? 

Cover Image: Hannah Blackmore Photography