Big News & A Personal Note About The Future Of Blog Society


Let's talk about change shall we?

Firstly, let me say that it's been a long while since I've posted here and today I'm doing so with a bit of a personal update and also a call to action for those that might feel aligned with the updates below.

As you may or may not know things have changed quite drastically over here at Blog Society HQ and as with any big life change, it comes with a renowned sense of clarity and focus. My son, Finn, was born in July and I've since been consumed with cuddles, endless coffee and the inherent desire to ensure my business truly felt aligned to this new chapter in my life.
*WARNING* This is a loooong post so stay with me.
Earlier this year I felt the strong need to create space in order to truly FEEL what was next for myself and Blog Society. Truth be told I'd felt a bit lost, unattached and probably disheartened with the digital space. A piece was missing. I found myself seeking out new projects to sit alongside my existing course, events and clients that would deepen, evolve and better align my business with what was happening in my heart.
Put simply, somewhere along the way in my biz journey I'd lost myself - or perhaps I was just afraid to share the 'real' me, instead held down by what I thought was expected - the 'perfect' Instagram pic, the ‘right’ business model or chasing the next big thing.
I felt disillusioned with my newsfeed. In an effort to remain 'professional' I seemed to have lost my sense of self and I was craving to be heard. Craving to share with you more honest, real, raw, vulnerable and passionate posts.

To pull back the curtain on what's happening behind the scenes at Blog Society.
To share more personal updates and celebrate the unpolished. 
To have fun.
To post with my heart and head - and truly speak about what's lighting my fire and sparking those creative flames.

I was craving clarity, more time to focus on self-care, soul-care, shift my mindset, focus on my health and well-being and realign myself to the very principles Blog Society was founded on -community, collaboration, connection.
And so during my pregnancy and subsequent 4th trimester, I dialled things back. And it felt glorious. 

By shedding expectation, I allowed myself to mentally, physically and emotionally recharge. During this process, my health improved and my creative drive returned tenfold. At the centre of this shift was a product that I fell in love with wholeheartedly: essential oils.

This coupled with a hunger to birth new projects, led me to a new business opportunity and...

Today I'm proud to share that I’m building a global doTERRA team as part of Blog Society.
I've teamed up with Alice Nicholls of The Whole DailyTara Bliss and a tribe of other kick ass women to help others not only experience the magic of these oils but also help bring a powerful business opportunity to women ready to rise up.

I’m currently building my doTERRA team and reaching out to my tribe to see if you feel called to join me? You can be anywhere in the world, with a business, without, a blog or no blog. This is open to ALL (yes I'm looking at YOU).

This is an opportunity to work directly with Alice and I so if you're curious about learning how to use essential oils, ordering these beauties for your own use, want to attend a class with me or are interested in receiving a sample, simply reach out and say hello.

As I wrap up this post I'm signing off as a braver, healthier, stronger, happier more courageous version of me. Ready to bring my tribe the creative events and courses you've come to know and love but with the addition of a brilliant new biz opportunity empowering women to fearlessly build a business they love while prioritising their own health and well-being.
To rising up together and great things ahead.

x Jaclyn


GIVEAWAY: Marketing Madness Giveaway


Give back, always.

I've said it before here on the blog, to my students, to my clients and basically anyone that will listen - one of the best pieces of marketing advice I can ever give you is to give more than you get.

So I thought since this March we're hosting our 31 Day Marketing Challenge (not signed up? you can still join here!) that I'd take the March madness one step further and host another giveaway - just because.

So let's celebrate - your efforts, your dreams, your hard work. I want to shower you with some awesome gifts so I'm excited to finally, reveal our fabulous #marketingmadness giveaway - my way of saying THANK YOU. Worth over AUD $450, one lucky person will receive a kick ass little present from me - packed with some of my favourite brands to keep you spoiled, inspired and motivated on your marketing journey.

Thank you to the following supporters for making this giveaway happen:

It's simple and easy to enter, just follow these 2 simple rules:

1.) You must be on the Blog Society Mailing list to be eligible. Not on the list? Click here.
2.) Simply leave a comment below!

The winner to be drawn on 31 March and announced the next day via social media. Good luck! (And so sorry but due to shipping & postage limitations this giveaway is only open to Australian residents)

#blogtribe // Grow Your Blog Community


Excited to be announcing some big news this morning and launching a new project to help fellow creatives foster and expand their own blog communities!

So I've had this idea floating around in my head for ages and I’ve decided to follow my heart and see where it leads. The creativity and passion we all have for blogging is so much bigger than ourselves and collectively I believe we can do great things. I think by simply supporting, encouraging and connecting with one another we can watch our individual communities grow and flourish.

Welcome to #blogtribe.

After countless conversations with bloggers from around the world (and many of you!) there is one continual theme that always keeps coming back to me and that is a true desire for genuine connection. One that crosses time zones and breaks down barriers. It’s with that in mind that I’ve decided to launch #blogtribe, a weekly collaborative celebration via social media of our creative blogging community.

The concept is simple – each week on #blogtribe Tuesday I’m encouraging you to upload and tag an image of a blogger you admire – someone local, around the world, a friend, a stranger – there are no limits, only except that this person has inspired or moved you in some way.  My hope is that this simple act of sharing will open up a whole new world of bloggers to follow, to connect and collaborate with and to add to your own individual blog tribes. I can’t think of a better way to bridge the gap between global blogging communities than by creating a fun and visual way to support one another using the very social media tools we all love and enjoy.

So I encourage you to get involved and take part in our #blogtribe launch today  – you can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter- the choice is yours.  Instructions are below....happy connecting!


  1. Each week, take part in #blogtribe Tuesday by uploading on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (or all three!) an image of a blogger or blog that inspires you, that you want to support or that you feel deserves a bit of attention. Go on, make a blogger's day!
  2. Always use the hashtag #blogtribe and tag @blogsociety so your images can be shared in our weekly wrap-up as well as shared with bloggers around the world.
  3. This celebration is all about having fun, if you miss a day, don’t worry simply post when inspiration strikes!
  4. Check back often and follow the #blogtribe hashtag feed each week to seek, discover and connect with new blogs and bloggers.

Know a blogger that might like to get involved? Make sure to spread the word about #blogtribe.

Original image by Jonathan Wherrett

News // Introducing The Blog Society Shop on GREAT.LY


Sometimes a phone call really can change everything.

Earlier this year I got a call from New York, it was the brilliant Sarah Bryden-Brown on the other end telling me about a new project she was working on and asking if I was keen to get involved.  Before she even finished the question I was in. 

After months of hard work by her and her team, their exciting launch project is finally here and I’m over the moon to be a part of it and can’t wait to share with you today (drum roll please)… our very own Blog Society Shop on GREAT.LY

So GREAT.LY is an amazing new online market place that brings together makers and tastemakers to work together online to share products from all over the world. In a word it’s about creative collaboration - everything that speaks to my heart.

I’ve been keeping this news secret for SO long and it feels amazing to finally make the announcement and tell the world about this great new concept – which goes global today!  I’ve dreamed of being able to set up shop and support incredible designers and makers from around the world – now it’s actually happening and I can’t wait to bring my top picks ranging from all my blogging ‘lust-haves’ to the cutest party accessories and office goodies around.  I’ll be sharing beautiful things that catch my eye, make my heart skip a beat and that I promise you'll fall in love with. I hope to introduce you to some rad brands from the US and beyond as well as some local favs! I’m so happy, this is the retail experience I would have designed for myself – but thankfully the talented team at GREAT.LY did it for me  - and made it much prettier.  I’ll be keeping the shop stocked with new and exciting products I hope you’ll love – so head over and have a look.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more about the wonderful makers in my shop and some of my fellow taste makers on the site including (pinch me!) - DesignLoveFest, Oh Happy Day, SF Girl By Bay and more!  So trust your gut when those good phone calls happen…something wonderful may be just around the corner.