Kinfolk Retreat // Australia


After a quiet week here on the blog I just wanted to pop in and say hello - admittedly my consistent posting here took a detour after a particularly crazy week prepping for our Lens & Layout class this Friday. I promise to be back on schedule next week with my Friday Files wrap up and of course a few other cool announcements up my sleeve. To say I'm excited about this workshop is an understatement, I've poured my heart and soul into this class and can't wait to see how it all turns out. Keep an eye out on Instagram for live updates.

I also couldn't wait to share the news that our Kinfolk Retreat in Australia, which took place last November, is finally up on the Kinfolk website (a surreal moment if I do say so myself). Have a look, it was one of the most incredible and rewarding weekends I've ever had, surrounded by like-minded, creative souls for two blissful days.


 Photographs by Jonathan Wherrett & Luisa Brimble

A Look Back // Kinfolk At The Table

As the year came to a close I thought a lot about gatherings - a theme that seemed to be extremely prevalent this year for Blog Society. Our mission has always been to bring people together - to connect, to share and to learn from one another.  I suppose around the holidays this feeling of gathering, with friends and family, becomes that much stronger so I thought now would be the perfect time to reflect and highlight one our best events that took place last year: The Kinfolk Table.


I'd been lucky enough to host a few Kinfolk events throughout the year (that I'll share in upcoming posts) but when Kinfolk released their new cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, I knew we had to put something special together, a gathering that would celebrate food, family and tradition.


 I was lucky enough to team up with Kylie Lewis from Of Kin and host our event at the stunning Relish Mama Cooking School where the beautiful Nellie cooked up a feast to die for.  It was a great group of people, all who came to share their personal recipes passed down from generations and enjoy a gathering in true Kinfolk style.


The night was a cold, rainy Melbourne evening and I remember after it was all over, walking back to my hotel room tired yet bursting with a glow that can only come from a night spent laughing and learning from friends, new and old.


Images: Dan Roberts,Threadslike