Bloguettes x Blog Society Interview

I first met Lorena Garcia & Sakura Considine, the founders of Bloguettes, online via Instagram (the power of social media right?) and then again, in person at Alt Summit in January 2015. I was immediately taken by their energy and passion - which absolutely radiates from each of them. They are true #girlbosses in every sense of the word, teaming up in a dream collaboration, to form one of the fastest growing blogging resources and source of blogging events around.

I'm dying to head to the US to attend one of their upcoming events but in the meantime the next best thing was being able to chat to both ladies and bring some of their insight and advice straight to my tribe. Keep these ladies on your radar - they are going BIG places!

Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds and where the idea for Bloguettes came from?
L: I grew up in Mexico, but went to grad school in Arizona. At that time, I was convinced I was going to move back to Mexico and become an investment banker. But to my own surprise, I decided to stay in Arizona. The investment banking industry isn’t very big here, so I decided to become an entrepreneur. I started fashion and news site with two friends that soon became the Refinery29 of Mexico. During this time, I fell in love with the Internet and its possibilities. Bloguettes was born out of Sakura and I’s desire to help people brand their company online. We wanted to create a company that was fun, creative, and a great place to connect with people—and that’s exactly what we did!

S: I found my passion in graphic design, photography, and the Internet at the age of twelve. In middle school, I taught myself basic HTML to design & build custom MySpace pages for my friends. I completely fell in love with the blogging & marketing world and later attended Arizona State University majoring in Business Marketing & Japanese. I co-founded The Sorority Secrets with two other friends and after I met Lorena, we founded Bloguettes in 2013. We’ve been growing like crazy ever since!

What is the top struggle you see most bloggers experiencing? 
The struggle that we see most bloggers experiencing is being able to keep up. A lot of people think a blog is the easiest thing in the world and don't realize how much work it takes. They quit or don't do it consistently, which definitely decreases their chances of success.

What fellow #girlboss inspires you at the moment?
L: I really love Tory Burch. Her business and her story are amazing and inspirational! Also, Sakura my business partner inspires me every day!

S: Lorena does! I think she does such an amazing job juggling everything she does and she is always positive and optimistic. She’s expecting her first child right now and she’s doing such an amazing job throughout her pregnancy while keeping up her girlboss-ness and not losing a bit of momentum. I’m really proud of her!

Our biggest biz moment/milestone was....
When we started hiring people and when we finished our very first workshop! Also, moving to our new office was a game-changer!

Behind the scenes of running Bloguettes looks like...
L: Much more hectic than what you see on our Instagram haha! As a small business, we have to do a little bit of everything. As we grow, we encounter new things every day that we have never done before and we have to figure them out!

S: Tons of meetings! We have five different departments (creative, marketing, events, editorial, and video) and each one of our departments work really closely with one another so we are in meetings all day, every day working on upcoming projects & events!

The social media and blogging worlds are changing...what does the future of blogging look like to you girls?
Blogging is only going to continue to grow. Social influencers are going to keep getting bigger and stronger as they will be of importance to brands. As with any other industry, it will continue to evolve and whoever is able to create the most original, creative, beautiful work is always going to stand out. We also think video will start to play a huge part in the industry!

Your tip for handling fear, envy or comparison is...
L: We ALL experience fear. If not, we would not be human so I think my biggest advice is to be brave and think. I think fear is positive because it keeps you motivated to do bigger and better things. For envy, wasting your time envying other people will just distract you from bettering yourself. Always be happy for the success of other people and only be concerned with what you do, not what others do. 

S: It’s so easy to get caught up and compare yourself to others, but don’t. Use it as motivation & research!

You host cool workshops all over the US, can you tell us a little about them?
Our workshops are not just meant to teach our attendees everything about branding their business and maximizing their potential online. We also strive to motivate and inspire our students in order to give them the confidence they need to keep doing whatever they are working on. Whether it’s a blog or a small business, the workshop is designed to help!

Wishlist travel destination...
The Maldives, Bora Bora, Australia, and Paris—just to name a few!

Top 3 blogs we HAVE to read daily are...
1.      Bloguettes…duh! It gives amazing & helpful tips for entrepreneurs like us!
2.      Barefoot Blonde – We love her style and how much she lets her readers in. Seeing her mix everyday motherhood & style on her blog is so fun!
3.      Margo & Me –She has such a distinct feminine style and does a great job of showcasing her personality through her blog. We had her as a guest at our LA workshop last year!

Our business motto is... 
To empower the entrepreneurial age!

Best piece of advice to give to a new biz check would be...
Be passionate about what you do. If you love what you do, you’ll do everything and anything to keep going because your business is more than just a project—it’s your dream!

This year we're most excited about...
The launch of our new website! We’ve been working on it for over a year and we are thrilled to see it up and running. This website will really help us achieve many things that has been on our to-do list for 2016! We’re also super excited for our second InstaCamp event on May 21st in Palm Springs!

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