Born to Blog In The Right Era



By Jennifer Abel,

No we were not born to blog but we were born in the right era to blog. Blogging is a relatively new thing to the world, but it has gone viral, viral in a good way by opening up doors to a complete new way of opportunities and thinking.

Blogging is the one way we can express ourselves the way we want , when we want to and about whatever takes our fancy at the time and we have all the things we need at the touch of a button. Thanks to technology, it has opened a whole new world for us, given us opportunities and it is all up to us what we do with this modern age.

Bloggers Must Be Crazy
That's what my Nanna would say if she was still alive (my Nanna passed 30+ years ago). Sorry Nanna, but we bloggers are a unique mob that all start for an abundance of different reasons, like money, boredom, or sheer craziness and the best reason is because we have the passion to write. Having the passion to write is one thing but to do it is another and that is why we were Born To Blog in the right era, and how privileged are we compared to my Nanna.

My Nanna's era V's Mine
To be born in the era of technology has given many of us the opportunity to become bloggers
without having to be a budding author, just look at all our mummy bloggers, foodies & so on (and by no means am I knocking you mummy bloggers & foodies without you, blogging would not be the same) .Take a look at the many authors that would never have been published way back in my Nanna's time , as writing back then was a totally different story.

Thinking back to when my Nanna first left school I can only imagine what her first job as a secretary was like, so far from today's office worker. The big old (which of course was so new then) typewriter that clicked & clacked as she typed, not like us bloggers who can type away on our laptop in the lounge if we choose, with the telly on, poor Nanna didn't even know about TV then. The more I got to thinking the more things I know now I take for granted and realise just how lucky we really are.

Can you imagine Nanna typing away her important business letter, then into the envelope it goes, now off to postal store to send this vital mail on it's way, only to reach it's destination a week later, but this was normal for her, she knew no different, just like many of know now difference when it come to the computer age. We just go ahead and email the other side of the world without a second thought, just like we hit the publish button and within micro seconds our post is visible for the world to see. We can even automate the social scene so all our networks are informed of this must read post! Now that is technology, poor Nanna would be rolling in her grave if she could see the world.

Most women back in my Nanna's day did not work once they married (around the age of 20) instead they were stay at home mums, with a huge work load of manual tasks for the day. No technology at all, zilch, the closet thing to social media was the Women's Weekly which was a magazine read from cover to cover before being handed to a neighbour. We have dishwashers , clothes dryers and so on, but more importantly we have our computers, an instant access to the outside world in seconds, and the instant access to a writing career. A job you can do at home in your PJs if you want, and better still you can work while the washing machine is going, the slow cooker purring away and the kids are at school. I call this luxury, thanks technology.

We don't even have to go to the pharmacy to get our photos developed that could take up to week to get back, we simply throw the card from our camera into our laptop and upload. I can hear Nanna saying "whats an upload love, is it something the dog has done?" We are lucky that we can erase mistakes by backspacing, Nanna had to rip the paper from the typewriter and start all ober* over again. *perfect example so glad I do not have to repeat myself.

We are blessed with all the modern technology making our lives easier ( even though we may not see it), so we have time for what we are passionate about, whether it be blogging or a hobby that we love to blog about, yes we are the lucky ones. Keeping up with the times, we need this modern day luxury of technology, life is fast and we are getting better at it every day, us bloggers need to be aware of constant changes, because if you miss the boat you may not float. (I love that saying !)

Here are a few tips that helped me along the way:

  • If you find or hear of some new program/software check it out , do a little research, and if you like the sound of and you think you will benefit from it, then get it.
  • Keep up to date with techniques by staying in touch with other bloggers, they are your best references. The best way to do this is by using your social media to it's full potential, join like minded groups , and converse.
  • Never be afraid to ask question regardless of how silly they may seem, if you do not ask you will never learn. Over my years blogging I have asked the dumbest but valid questions and got answers I needed. Remember just because it is new technology does not mean you cannot learn how to use it, it could even be of great value to you.
  • My very last tip on blogging is stay true to your words, enjoy what you do, and always smile!

Jennifer is a wife, mum to 5 and nanna to 11 grandchildren, artist and blogger. She has a passionate for older things including her home and her nanna's recipes. She also enjoys gardening, growing fresh herbs and sharing her knowledge and passion through her blog, Nanna's Wisdom.

Image: Tealily