#blog tribe // The Honest Truth About Blogging

As a blogger I admit it can be hard to sometimes stay on track and keep coming back to this space week after week, day after day. It takes time, energy and focus. Life can get it in the way - work, family, friends and let's not forget the days you just want to crash on the couch, crawl into bed and not even look at the keyboard.  Sound familiar?

Blogging isn't always the picture perfect lifestyle you see on Instagram and I think it's important that we don't shy away from the reality that creating - or more importantly maintaining - a blog is tough work. A labour of love. If that's the case then why do we do it? That's the question that has been on my mind this week and hope it's something that you might be able to relate to as well. But as tiring as it can be my thoughts always return to one simple fact - I love it.

The community, the connection, the escape, the journey that it takes me and the people I meet are the reason I blog. They are the reason I don't mind staying up until the wee hours to finish posts, the reason that I pour my heart and soul -openly and honestly - into this this space and the results are far more rewarding than I could have imagined. That's why I do it and will continue to because for me it's a labour of love.


I was reminded of this even more recently when I was taking time to explore our #blogtribe hashtag and found myself exploring different corners of the world and losing myself in the stunning images and words that were in front of me. These weekly discoveries have given me a burst of blogging energy and I hope I'm not alone in feeling that community and sharing can be an incredible force.  So this week I want to leave you with the question of why you blog - and if you feel like sharing your answer please do so below. I also couldn't sign off today without passing along four new blogs I fell for this week. Hope you join us for #blogtribe Tuesday...

South By North // 1000 Threads // French By Design // Gal Meets Glam

Image: Matt Johnson