Blog Biz // How To Fail Forward


If you're going to fail, fail forward.

How great is that statement? Simple, profound and full of truth right? When I stumbled upon this article earlier in the week it manifested itself right at a pivotal moment when all the balls I was trying to juggle in the air seemed to come crashing down at once.  The kind of moment where nothing is working as it should and you just want to crawl under the covers and wish it away.  Do you know the feeling? It's like the attack of the To-Do list. I felt as though I was failing as a blogger, business owner, friend, sister and partner.  It was all a bit overwhelming if I'm truthful but there has been such a sense of clarity over being able to turn the concept of failure on it's head and realise that each moment of frustration, of 'failure' has been an opportunity to learn, grown and evolve.  That not everything needs to be perfect and that you learn lessons along the way. And man have I learned a few key lessons this week.

We can sometimes be a bit hard on ourselves and while it's great to push ourselves to our outer limits, I'm here this week to say then when it comes to blogging or running your own business, the concept of failing forward is essential. You will fail - and when you do - fail forward. It's part of the journey, it's where innovation is born and it's nothing to be feared. Embrace it.

If failure has motivated or changed you (or you just had a crap week and want to make me feel like I'm not alone!) then please your wisdom below.

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