Blog Biz // A Bloggers Guide To Crediting Photos

I've been sensing a shift and change lately in the world of blogging.  A change for the better, for more ownership, personalisation and scaling back big productions in order to get back to a more simple, real approach. Do you feel it too?  It's refreshing to see bloggers finding their voice and sharing their knowledge for the greater good of our community. That is exactly why I felt so strongly about a new initiative called  #createorcredit by blogger Catherine Wilson of Catherine & Grace.

I've known Catherine for a while now and have admired not only her incredible style but her passion for the blogging community. She is bringing to light an issue that I think is SO relevant and long over due - properly crediting photos. As a former intellectual property lawyer, Catherine knows her stuff. She also knows bloggers and shares some of the best advice I've read on the subject over on her blog this week.

In a world where image sharing is so common it is essential we understand how and why we need to credit properly. I'm the first one to admit that I've posted a photo from Pinterest that I absolutely adored, only to realise later that I didn't credit the source. Blogger fail. I'm not blameless but by being aware of the issue, we can correct our actions and lead by example. If you do one thing today for your blog or business, I suggest heading over to Catherine's blog and educating yourself about copyright law and best practice when it comes to crediting photos. Let's move forward together, making sure we are giving credit where credit it due.

All images used with permission by Catherine & Grace

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