#blogtribe // 4 Tips To Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

I've been getting more and more questions related to marketing, social media and revenue tactics - all of which I love speaking to people about so I wanted to open up the topic for broader discussion here and share some of my own advice.

Today I'm chatting about affiliate marketing - a term you've probably heard thrown around a lot and up for debate in the blogging circles. I for one have had great experiences with affiliate marketing and think it can be a wonderful way to not only drive revenue for yourself but could be explored as a marketing tool for those bloggers looking to have others promote their own products, campaigns, etc in a unique way.

To break it down, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission (normally a set percentage) by promoting other people's products. Essentially you get rewarded (or you do the rewarding) when you (or someone you enlist) help complete a transaction.

When executed properly it's a win/win scenario but it's not always easy and there are some essentials to making these relationships work -for you and of course your community. Some key factors to take into consideration when exploring affiliate marketing:

  1. Believe In The Product
    If you are putting your name on a product you better be damn proud of it, believe in it and can proudly share with your community. It's not worth losing followers or risking your brand reputation for a small commission - aways think big picture.
  2. Suggest Not Sell
    The beauty of affiliate marketing is that your recommendation, when coming from the heart, comes with trust. I believe in honest marketing and if the product is the right fit, your audience will want to check it out. Forget the hard sell.
  3. Create Valuable Content
    Don't just slap up a link and cross your fingers. Affiliate marketing works best when you can't wait to talk about it and the message can fit within your existing content, adding value to your community.
  4. Transparency
    When sending newsletters, writing blog posts transparency is key. Be upfront and honest with your readers if you are making a commission - something you shouldn't be afraid to tell - and something your audience deserves to know upfront.

Let me show you a perfect example...

I'm a HUGE fan of Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society.  She's one of the most clever, smart self starters out there and if you are a blogger or interested in clever marketing she's your go to gal. She's also one hell of a business woman and has created such an incredible portfolio of work based around her area of passion & expertise: style and helping women find body confidence and empowerment.

Her new e-course, Style & Styleability, struck a cord with me and when I was approached about being an affiliate I happily said yes. Now I'm not a fashion blogger but I do believe that when you look good you feel great - and Hilary's passion and core messaging spoke to me and I think it might also speak to a lot of you. Her affiliate program is detailed, thought out and totally in line with all of the points I mentioned above and most importantly of all - her e-course kicks ass and is something I'm proud to recommend checking out.

So the next time you are exploring income options, take a serious look at affiliate marketing and how it could work for you. And yes as a final note, in the name of transparency, I am an affiliate for Hilary meaning that if you sign up to her e-course using the links above I get a small commission - but it's a damn good course and one I'm proud to work with.